24 Jaffa Cakes for 89p @ Sainsburys

24 Jaffa Cakes for 89p @ Sainsburys

Found 6th Sep 2010Made hot 7th Sep 2010
Bought them today in my local store (bamber Bridge)


yun... i got some too today

they were 85p in my sainsburys

already posted by nicster08

It is worth trying Sainsbury's own Brand of Jaffa Cakes which are always much cheaper than McVities and there seems to be very little difference in the taste.

The same goes for Biscuits too and if you regularly purchase the Top Brands of Jaffa Cakes and Biscuits during your weekly shop, simply buying the Supermarkets own Brand could save you £2 per week, totalling a saving of £104 per year.

P.S. In my local Supermarket, Sainsbury’s own Brand can be found on the very bottom shelf, it’s well worth a look.
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