*24 MONTH CONTRACT* 3 Mobile - iPad 16GB Wi-fi + 3G, 15GB Data - £75 Up Front With £33 Quidco - £20 Per Month @ 3 Mobile

*24 MONTH CONTRACT* 3 Mobile - iPad 16GB Wi-fi + 3G, 15GB Data - £75 Up Front With £33 Quidco - £20 Per Month @ 3 Mobile

Found 22nd Mar 2011
3UK have reduced the price of the 16GB iPad 1 to £75 upfront and £20 a month for a 24 month contract (15GB of data per month)

Total cost is £555 - £33 Quidco = £522.

Current cost of an iPad 16GB Wi-fi+3G is £469, so effectively £53 for 24 months of 15GB data.

The 64GB is also available with an upfront cost of £249, same monthly cost.


Why cold? looks good to me - Orange is £99 + £25 p/m and only 1GB data!

Where do you see £33 Quidco, can't see this on Quidco? Comments please....Love to know why cold - was about to buy it!

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Ordered one myself this evening and Quidco tracked at £33.

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There is the impending release of the iPad 2. Unless you're interested in the camera's, slightly quicker A5 processor and thinner design, can't see why this is cold!

Thanks - will give others an hour to explain themselves! Then I'm ordering...good deal thanks.

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I was intending to avoid 3 and buy a 16GB Wifi iPad from Curry's but they've sold out. Seemed like a good deal to me, but I'm an Apple fan.

But if you bought from currys you're paying all that cash up front, this is like a 2 year interest free loan! plus data is cheap (£5.25). Assume you can also just buy a dongle and use it for mobile broadband on your laptop (or phone) too....

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You could (I still have an old 3 one hanging about somewhere) or create a wi-fi hotspot with the iPad using PdaNet, or MyWi

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In response to 3 and Quidco - I've never had a problem with them and have actually made £270 over the past few years.

Ordered! Hot Deal....Thank you!

I think it's a really good deal. I pay £15 a month for my mobile broadband alone. If it was not for the fact that I still have a year left on the contract I would defo pay an extra fiver a month and get this deal.

I think this is a great deal. If i didn't have time left on my 3 contract i'd get one pf these straight away. I might even ring them up now to see if i can go on to this deal. Pays ya money ya takes ya chance.

£20 a month for 2 years =£480 plus the £75= £555 these things are dropping in price big time due to ipad2 and better Android gear out, better buying one cheap and throwing in a sim that might give you 500mb or 1gig data for @£5/£10 month
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I pay £11 for 5gb a month. But i can go to 15gb for £15. Can't see how this isn't a good deal. Plus with it being Apple, you know its well made,

Oooh this is tempting, there are so many Apple haters out there.

Can someone please explain why so cold???

i cannot access to deal! Does anyone know why? All i can see is the 64GB one for £200+

i wanted to buy it even tho i hate ipad! Im gonna buy it, than sell it in may to pay towards my HTC Flyer tablet.. but till than, i can do with tablet such as this...

I love Apple, not their phones and tablets... too limited..

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All sold out! Only the 64GB left. My 16GB is arriving today. Obviously not such a cold offer as they've all gone pretty quickly!

Mine was suppossed tp arrive today but delayed until Tuesday...stock issues....hmmmm

People were p[retty harsh, seemed like a good deal to me if you can eat that much data and live with an iPad 1 for 24 months (by then we will be on iPad 4).
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