*24 MONTH CONTRACT* Orange - HTC Desire HD - £16.66 Per Month After Cashback & Redemption @ Dial A Phone
*24 MONTH CONTRACT* Orange - HTC Desire HD - £16.66 Per Month After Cashback & Redemption @ Dial A Phone

*24 MONTH CONTRACT* Orange - HTC Desire HD - £16.66 Per Month After Cashback & Redemption @ Dial A Phone

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Be kind, first deal posted (at last)

Be quick, expires today.
HTC Desire HD on Orange 300 mins, unlimited txts & email and 500MB data.

Dolphin 25 @ £25.54 a month = £612.96
6 months free by redemption =£459.72
£60 topcashback (expires today) =£399.72

Works out at £16.66 a month.

May not suit everybody but I want unlimited broadband and homephone with free calls cheap so next week I will change to orange for that also £21.50 (also works out at £17.61 after topcashback and £5 discout a month as Orange mobile customer.

Sorry I initially put £399 for total cost but it seems people don't read the deal and vote cold. I have edited the price to show deal price, now waiting for people to moan.


Sounds like a good price!!!

I've done nearly 10 cashbacks with DAP starting from 2004, never missed a single one. I usually receive a cheque in 6 working days including the day i post my claim.
Cashback is only for the people who are organized and remember/find a way to remind you to collect it.

Sounds like you're living in dreamland, have you got a reciept?

Can't believe how cold this has got. Has somebody found it cheaper?

Its actually not that great a deal they have been doing similar deals for months. A cheaper total cost of ownership on a shorter contract would be:

Dial-a-phone 18 month dolphin 25 contract (300mins, unlimited text, 500mb data free phone)....

18 months @ 30.64 = £551.52
4 months free by redemption (£122.56) = £428.16
£50 cashback on quidco = £378.16

OK, the monthly cost is higher but you are paying fewer months in total and get out of your contract sooner

Original Poster

So you get out of your contract after 18 months and where are you going to get 300 mins, unlimited txts and email plus 500GB data for £3.50 a month?

I agree no redemption would be nicer but you're not likely to get this phone for £16.66 a month without redemption for a long time. Even if you don't get cashback etc you are getting quite a deal.

I bought this phone from Buymobilephones.net last week, Paid £0 for the phone and got it at £20.24 on a 24month contract

This is a better deal if you trust the redemption system and use quidco
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Some people like shorter contract terms as they can upgrade sooner to the newer phones available then. You are out of your contract 6 months earlier to get the newer phones/deals .... plus your phone will have a better resale value 6 months earlier

Personally I want cheapest TCO (total cost of ownership) as the contract is irrelevant to me, I would just put my work sim in as they pay all the fees. For me personally, the 18month deal is bettter. Though your deal is OK, I was just pointing out there are plenty of other deals about it just depends on what is important to you.

If I were to go on a 24 month contract the orange deal a couple of days ago was better than this, it was £150 for the phone on 24 month £15 contract but you got £150 quidco back = £15x24 = £360 TCO cheaper than buying it outright from any store I have seen. The deal has finished now IIRC.
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hukd10 maybe you could post some of these deals?
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