24 Nescafe 3 in 1 Cool sachets for 99p in 99p Stores

24 Nescafe 3 in 1 Cool sachets for 99p in 99p Stores

Found 8th Jan 2014
Box of 24 individual Nescafe 3 in 1 Cool sachets in 99p Stores. Don't know if they're nationally available, however they were also seen by boohoo2003 in Worcester... the Acton (London) store had two shelves completely full a few minutes before 7pm.
24 x 11g (264g)
Best before: June 2014

There were a few boxes of 24 x 12g (288g) Jacobs Mint flavour Ice Coffee sachets as well, although finding these might be more of a wild goose chase.
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I reckon you could Alaskan pipeline at least four of them. Have some heat
Paid £1.50 at lidl today for 10

Heat added.
They are in our local store too (Worcester)
saw these in my local yesterday. (wellingborough) along with another with the mint flavour mentioned. Loads of boxes of them.
Is the iced coffee any good?

Just add milk and ice?
No wonder they are this price! They are rank. I suppose if you like them then stock up and bag a bargain oO
Love them - not seen them for ages!!
Ipswich Had loads of these last week, stocked up with 6 boxes of each, make with milk and syrup for your own iced frapes, mmmmm

Is the iced coffee any good?Just add milk and ice?

The iced coffee's are made with 150ml of cold water per sachet.
I'm glad many of you have managed to find this in your local stores.
Nk74 please don't take this personally, but people clicking on deals that feature products they don't like and comment about the product being 'rank'... well, they are my pet hate. After all this site isn't about reviewing products
These handy little sachets taste one hell of a lot better than the so called 'Italian coffee' from the vending machines at my work place (that stuff gives a completely new meaning to rank, believe me). These can be a godsend at 4,125p/cup compared to £1/cup for vending machine coffee, especially after waking up around 4am each day to go to work.
Thanks to you all for voting
Disagree; I find negative reviews useful!

Disagree; I find negative reviews useful!

Please explain to me, why?
In what way do you find someone calling a product rank, chavvy etc. useful (please note, I'm not only referring to comments on my posts)? Information to help someone make a decision is always welcome, eg Mr XY might not like blackcurrant jam and he'll likely mention this in his comment on a jammy deal, however his comment about the size of the jar, the fruit/sugar content, etc. - without saying blackcurrant jam is the most awful thing ever - can help me decide whether or not the product is worth a try (hmmm blackcurrant jam)
Its a forum; expect a difference in views/opinions/communications dear.
It is and if you read my whole comment you can see I don't have a problem with people sharing constructive opinions/views/comments... dear.
found these in the Kettering srire, they're lush!
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