24 Piece Home Starter Set ( tumblers, pint / shot / hi-ball/ wine glasses ....) - £6.49 @ Argos!

24 Piece Home Starter Set ( tumblers, pint / shot / hi-ball/ wine glasses ....) - £6.49 @ Argos!

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Found 7th Jan 2008
A good price for ths 24 Piece Home Starter Set. It is now half price - just £6.49 @ Argos!

# 4 pint glasses.

# 4 half pint glasses.

# 4 hi-ball glasses, capacity of each 290ml/29cl/10 fl oz.

# 4 tumblers, capacity of each 260ml/26cl/9 fl oz.

# 4 wine glasses, capacity of each 350ml/35cl/12 fl oz.

# 4 shot glasses, capacity of each 50ml/5cl/1.7 fl oz.

# Dishwasher safe.
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Why cold, this is the most fantastic offer and I remember having something like this when I left for Uni.
looks good to me. Heat and rep given. some of our daily glasses are starting to show etching from the dishwasher so these will be a good replacment. Cheers
What a fantastic deal, ordered and will pick up tomorrow. Heat and rep added! :thumbsup:
Thanks, added heat as good prlice forevery day glasses. :thumbsup:
Bought these the other week, they are quite good, look same as what pubs use. Also they have a 9 piece mug set for £2.49.
Looks good, might order some seeing as I'm looking to buy a house later this year....
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Thanks for the replies - i've reserved some for myself too - handy to have extra glasses

Fantastic, thanks! I've just ordered two sets plus two of the mug sets mentioned (tried those last week but they were out of stock but now in again)!
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