24 Piece Venice Cutlery Set £3.19 @ Argos

24 Piece Venice Cutlery Set £3.19 @ Argos

Found 17th Aug 2017
Cheap and cheerful, over 1000 reviews.


Skewer. Scoop. Munch. This 24-piece Venice cutlery set from the Simple

Value range would be ideal for a student living at university, a first

home gift or as a set of spares. Made from stainless steel, this cutlery

set features an elegant design on the handles.

  • Made from stainless steel.
  • 6 place settings comprising 6 knives, 6 forks, 6 dessert spoons, 6 teaspoons, .
  • Dishwasher safe.

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Cheap price cheap quality too
Had these for almost 3 years and still going strong during which time ones I’ve paid more for have fell apart
I bought these last time they were on here a couple of weeks ago, not a bad set for the price. The teaspoons are an odd shape though. They look more like small soup spoons.

They haven't tarnished or bent yet which is a good sign I guess. I'm handwashing rather than machine.
Thanks ordered
Using cheap cutlery feel like canteen cutlery,unless camping or have thiefs for dinner guests,don't skimp.
morrig if you are expecting light fingered sorts for dinner, dispense with cutlery, just have horderves, and dips....
I purchased these a few months back as an odd on to make up for a coupon code... and honestly, they're okay! Not my go to in the drawer but, they do the job & don't bend when using etc.

(Just went and checked mine but, my tea spoons are like normal tea spoon shape so maybe have a new/older set than the comment above )
Ordered thank you. Not too fussed if they don't last for ages as they're so cheap
We got these, and the ends are horrribly pointy and uncomfortable - see how they curve out, rather than in. Mostly noticeable when trying to cut a piece of meat. Good for the price, but not for the hand feel.
Got these for work as we're in need of new cutlery. Decent enough for the price-as already mentioned, not the nicest finish/quality for your dinner set but alright as a cheap set.
Good price but not good finish that's for sure. Very sharp edges, hurts and you feel it. Otherwise it's okay and good value for money. No heat unfortunately
Funny how people are moaning about the quality, they are £3.19 wtf do you want lol?
Its goona bend while eating in such a price.
great price.
Just bought them and they are perfectly fine quality - can't see anything wrong with them at all.
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