24 Piece Wooden Train Set or Wooden Fire Engine were £19.99 now £4.80 + Free Delivery to Store @ WH Smith

24 Piece Wooden Train Set or Wooden Fire Engine were £19.99 now £4.80 + Free Delivery to Store @ WH Smith

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This 24 Piece Wooden Train Set allows children to build and play while having fun that keeps them on the right track. The aim of this set is to inspire imagination, develop creative thought and boost problem solving skills. The pack contains 8 sections of track, a train engine, 3 carriages, 2 telegraph poles, 4 people, 4 trees and 2 signs.


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Wooden Fire Engine ]HERE
Big red fun to the rescue! This wooden toy fire engine will help to inspire and stimulate the senses and promote happy, confident play. This toy includes, 1 fire engine with a movable ladder, tumbling driver, 2 road blocks, 2 smoke blocks, 1 fire extinguisher, 1 fire hydrant and 2 fire blocks


Was about to jump on this as my son needs some extra pieces for his train set - but it has no straight pieces!

You can quite easily pick up a 56 piece set for £10, which I would think is better value as a beginner set - this would be good for the extras though - if you need bends

The remote control dinosaur and wooden fire engine also look good!


Have they used a battered box in their item description?

fab, thanks just ordered the fire engine for christmas

..was £19.99..Who are they kidding!! £4.80 is about the right price for such a small set..

I ordered both great birthday party gifts for kids!

Order Both

Great Deal

Thanks OP . Heat & Rep Added

damn...out of stock

yeah - all gone - expired... tbh - teco £7.77 56 peice trainset is better value imho: but this is still a great deal:
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