24 pieces of Ferrero Rocher! Was £6, now £4 @ Asda, Blackpool!

24 pieces of Ferrero Rocher! Was £6, now £4 @ Asda, Blackpool!

Found 12th Nov 2016Made hot 13th Nov 2016
I was popping into Asda in Blackpool and I noticed a sign saying Ferrero Rocher £4. I thought they made a mistake and accidentally put the 24 box there instead of the 16. Went to the aisle where they usually have them and by surprise, they were £4! I was going to get some for my mother, but she is not really keen on them.

I am not sure if this is only happening in Blackpool or nationwide, but if you can get them nationwide then you have got yourself a reasonably good deal!



Hope this is national. Great find

Hope the barcode is actually of the 24 box..

good find op, heat added

Nationwide, same in couple midland stores. £4 for 24 pack

£4 in Swansea store

Loads of very good offers at ASDA plus asda Staff get 20 % off everything in store until 21/11/16.

Just bought a couple of the 24 pieces boxes from my local Asda petrol station/store in East London Whitechapel! Works out cheaper than their 3 for £10 17 pieces cone packs!
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Thank u op.. got some ferreros stocked up.wee treat for myself oveweight here i come

I was in Asda yday, I saw the offer. brilliant deal in time for Xmas!
As I am a collegue in Asda, we have a 20%off our grocery bill it only works out at £3.20. so bargain!!!

Thank you for this, Christmas present from my husband to my mother sorted!

Loads of stock in the Tunbridge Wells branch...

....and in Crawley, West Sussex

Finishes today... goes back up tomorrow morning to £6


Finishes today... goes back up tomorrow morning to £6

Well, just back from my local in Fife, still £4 for the 24 (300g box), on shelf and on aisle end, exp May 2017:

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Hi does anyone know if Asda have this offer is still running in store?
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