24 Red roses and free chocolate and free delivery
24 Red roses and free chocolate and free delivery

24 Red roses and free chocolate and free delivery

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24 Premium Red Roses
FREE UK Delivery!
FREE Chocolates!

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NOW £39.98

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These finest quality Roses are deeper and larger than our Standard Roses and make a grander impression. These 24 beautiful stems will be delivered anywhere in the UK on Valentines Day with a 50g box of Chocolates too.

Your flowers will be complimented by selected foliage and delivered in a cellophane wrap.

This bouquet is delivered via courier and is guaranteed to arrive on Valentines Day before 5.30pm.


Nice find geri Thanks for this!

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Thanks for photo. Theres another one on Flowers direct that could look pretier too

Welcome Was it this one:


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Hi sorry not explained myself properly. I submitted another post under flowers direct. I thought it was a good deal Free flights when you spend £55 on flowers 19% through quidco and flowers but someone has voted it cold. So not so good. It was that one that needed a photo. Just a mere beginner

Thanks, I hope the flowers are good quality. The wife is diabetic so the chocs will have to go to the kids.:)

Unfortunately, Valueflora AREN'T good value.

Their flowers are sh*te quality and are POOR value.

Great if you want to really disappoint the recipient!

Most unoriginal Valentine's gift ever! :giggle:

Totally agree with Withabix. Unfortunately did not realise until after had placed a 12 month order. Latest yellow roses wilted in days. Also Quidco did not track order. Suggest you avoid. Voted cold.

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[FONT=Fixedsys][SIZE=3]Well didnt I do well put two lots of flowers on and they are both rubish. I am sorry everyone. I will do better next time:whistling: [/SIZE][/FONT]

I've ordered loads of times from Valueflora and both I and the recipients have been delighted with the quality. Mine have always tracked with Quidco and I've been paid (been buying since last April) but they're no longer listed on Quidco. Will still use them, though! :thumbsup:

WATCH OUT! When you get to the checkout, the price jumps up to £49.98, NOT £ 39.98 as advertised. This may be a misprice, but its no use to me now. Also, the website is PAINFULLY slow.


I ordered these at £50. No chocolates and it came in 2x12 batches of roses. She asked "Were u planning on sending the other batch to someone else?". They were the scabbest roses I have ever seen. They're almost dead on arrival! I shall be complaining big style!!!

Disgusting service.


Exactly the same problem myself. I am onto customer services already.

Agree with with Withabix and triplea35 and above posts. I also placed a 12 month order and have been disapointed with the poor quality of flowers. Futhermore, they haven't sent me january flowers and customer service is terrible. The Mrs has also stated the flowers are cheap quality!!!

I also ordered the 24 roses last week, for v.day but they didnt turn up ! I emailed to complain and got a reply offering me 15% back and another bunch. Which are of no use to me as noone in to recieve.

Quite honestly I'd write explaining that their failure to deliver was a breach of contract and that unless you recieve an immediate refund and a new (higher value) bunch delivered at your convenience you'll pursue them through the court system.
They know they are in the wrong and won't defend the claim if you do have to pursue it as the cost isnt worth it.

God those are awful. I'd send a copy of those to their CS.

I agree sin_of_nature, those are diabolical.

My husband used to spend ridiculous amounts of money on flowers that we could'nt afford at the time and then the flowers died/wilted several days later, so I told him I would rather he went to the supermarket where you usuallly get much better quality/quantity for your money and they last for ages!!

For £50 I would expect way more, I would definitley persue this one.

They are pretty grim - If it were me I'd definitely take this matter as far as required. Good luck.

Well, sent pictures to customer support. Let you know what they say. Serves me right for not going to a local florist.


Good god - just looked at your pictures, those roses were terrible, I hope you get a full refund if nothing else.

I went on the cheap this year and bought 3 dozen roses from Tesco for £18 - a little on the small size, but together in a vase they look great and the wife was well pleased. Supposedly good for 7 days if you can believe the label, but def beats the outrageous prices for Valentine day flowers.
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