24: Season 6 Premiere - DVD Region 1 First 4 episodes £8:99 (possibly £6:99)

24: Season 6 Premiere - DVD Region 1 First 4 episodes £8:99 (possibly £6:99)

Found 9th Jan 2007
If you're a 24 addict like me this might interest you, it's the first 4 episodes of series 6, comes up as £8:99 but by using the discount link in the voucher section you can get it down a pound and if youm have any discount vouchers around....?
Seems a good buy to me if you can't wait.

- cycleman


Episodes 1 and 2 for this premiere on 21st Jan on Sky 1 at 9pm and 10pm just so people know. I already have it scheduled to record


hmmm despatch date stated:

Release/Despatch Date: Tuesday 16 Jan

on cdwow as stated starts on the 21st here would be a close call on delivery.

Thanks for the heads up anyway.

these have leaked on the net already. expensive for just 4 eps! £8.99 * 6 = £54, thats how much the whole series would be if you bought them like this, very expensive!

should they really be selling this?

its up to fox who own it, i think they have made a mistake as it leaked as noted above and everyone i know has now watched it!
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