24 Season 7 Box Set - £17.99 @ Play.Com
24 Season 7 Box Set - £17.99 @ Play.Com

24 Season 7 Box Set - £17.99 @ Play.Com

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I missed out when Zavvi had this at £17.99 but i now see that Play now have changed there price to £17.99.

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Same price at Amazon & HMV.

You should definatley play the Jack Bauer Drinking game ..... take a gulp if

Jack or anyone shouts "damn it"
The betrayer in CTU is revealed
Chloe says something catty
You hear the awesome original CTU ringtone!

There is a story that I read that when Keifer Sutherland heard that people where playing the game, being a bit of a pi55 head himself he ADDED loads of extra Damn its into the show that were not scripted. The man is a legend!

haha you should also take a gulp for each "I give you my word" or "Trust me" or "I'm begging you"

or whenever Jack has a warrant out for his arrest for any reason , or whenever he speaks to the President ...... man you would be caned by the end of the show!!! I am so gonna miss Jack, shame they cancelled it but at least they are making a few movies I guess

Just finished watching this series, very good. In the extras the exec producers were talking about how they lost their way with series 6 but got it back on track with series 7.

Just a pain Sky have got to the end of series 8 now. I did have them all recorded on Sky+ but was filling up my space and in the middle I upgraded to Sky+HD so abandoned it. Hope Sky repeat it again soon.

Nice drinking game.... if you really wanted to get leathered, you could just have a drink every time Chloe does her annoying sulky shoulder drop sigh with a slight frown.... about 50 per episode and soooo annoying!

Love the show though and gutted they have finished.. but they are making a film, which should be awesome, I would imagine they may set it at an earlier date before Jack's current predicament and to allow them to bring back a couple of more popular characters.... not sure though.
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