24 Season 7 DVD Box Set £17.95 @ Zavvi

24 Season 7 DVD Box Set £17.95 @ Zavvi

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Next cheapest Amazon @ £23.97


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direct link: zavvi.com/dvd…tml

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Fantastic deal - well worth the price. Heat and Rep added.

They also have day 6 at the same price, which is retailing everywhere else at around £30

I got day six for free with some O2 thing ages ago. They sent me two actually, lol. Day six = sub-par, but day seven is excellent. Buy it. But if you're new to 24, pick up day one for cheap. It's the best.

Cheers, I ordered via TCB for 3% cashback :thumbsup:

Do you need to watch Redemption first?

Heat from me - just ordered - using code APRIL2 gives a £2 off discount if you spend over £20, so effectively you can get a dvd extra for next to nothing too. I went for Gran Torino for £5 and paid a total of £20.
TCB too.


Do you need to watch Redemption first?

No. It gives some explanation as to how Jack gets back to the USA, but its not needed to understand the story.

Great deal. I tried the APRIL2 code and it didn't show up as £2 off so I called through and they said they would refund £2 to my card! fantastic service. I bought the 4gb Kingston USB flash drive - £6.95 after the discount.


Do you need to watch Redemption first?

Like rabbitmoon said it's not a necessity. But I think it's highly preferable in my opinion. You get to learn some important details about day seven's cast in it. Just get Redemption for cheap, that's easy enough. Fleabay and the like.

Must say - Redemption is still quite expensive for an old dvd.
Fleabay prices reflect that.
Seems to be going for about £8 from most of the online retailers atm.

I had this sitting in my basket, and I was browsing for something to buy to use the APRIL2 voucher with. Then I realised I already own it. Doh.

Thanks for the replies better get both and watch them as my Sky box is nearly full with season 8!
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