24 season box sets £7.00  each or 2 for £13.00 @ Blockbuster

24 season box sets £7.00 each or 2 for £13.00 @ Blockbuster

Found 5th Jul 2010Made hot 5th Jul 2010
Went into my local Blockbuster today and picked up series 4,5 and 6 of 24 for only £7. Also noticed it was 2 for £13 so total came to £20. There were plenty of different box sets for £7 including series of The OC, Lost, Everybody Love Raymond, Entourage, Heroes, Scrubs, My Name is Earl and a few others that I cant remember. I was in the same store yesterday and didnt see the 24 box sets so they may have just been added to the 2 for £13 clearance.


New or pre-owned?

Probably ex-rental?


picked up similular got season 1,2 and 3 all in one box for £9 that was about 2 months ago, havent seen anymore since but a bargain if can find them

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Didnt someone post season 1-4 for about £20? Brilliant value for money for anyone who hasnt seen them.

Brand New season 1 - 4 for £20 from tesco online (using code) Also even cheaper if you use quidco!;-)

Will be hoping they have heroes

Did you happen to notice which seasons of Entourage it was?

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sorry i left out a few important bits of info. they are pre-owned but most of the box sets were in near mint condition. the season of entourage was 2 as far as i remember. this was in crystal palace

I couldn't see anything in Bristol Glos Rd or Filton stores.:cry:

Guys this is a pre-owned deal. The stock will depend on what customers have sold to the store so will vary from one store to another.

Nothing in Worthing!

I got the £20 Tesco series (1-4 of 24) and thanks to this post got series 5 and 6 for £13 pre owned in Blockbuster Inverness today.

Thanks !!
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