24 series 1-5 @ £17.99 each

24 series 1-5 @ £17.99 each

Found 12th Jan 2007
Feb 2006

Picking up 18 months after the events of Day 4, Series 5 finds Jack in hiding and living under a false identity. Apart form a handful of people the worlds thinks him dead and that's just the way he wants it. That is until events conspire to bring Jack back to life, as he finds himself plunged back into a world of violence when the President becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving an arms deal with Russia.

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Back with a bang, season 5 of "24" opens with an orgy of destruction as several main characters and sacred cows of the show are slaughtered by unknown assailants within the first few minutes. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), hiding out as a roughneck with an awful hairstyle, comes back to life to avenge the deaths of his friends.

It's another stompingly fast-paced season, with statesmanlike President Palmer having been replaced by the more believably inept Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin). But is Logan an incompetent George Bush or an unscrupulous Richard Nixon?

Playing a deadly game with Chechen-alike revolutionary Vladimir Bierko (Julian Sands), Jack finds himself entwined with this year's Presidential subplot. CTU is again put under threat as Bierko has somehow gained access to a deadly nerve gas. And he knows where his worst enemies are...

Once again, the real life locations of LA are put to good use as Jack calls upon the resources of CTU to aid him in a complex plot of treachery that even involves a former head of CTU. Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) as usual stands ready to do anything involving computers, even while being molested in a hotel bar.

After last year's slightly lacklustre villain, this season sees a veritable gaggle of fanatical, if misguided bad guys, who Jack will need all his wits about him to defeat. Lucky he hasn't been up all night or anything...

Simon Fernandes, HMV

Edit : It appears they have all the seasons for £18, not just season 5.
- DannyL


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These are the same price at Play, however for people buying multiple items, there's a code for £5 off £35 here: hotukdeals.com/for…770
Also, anyone with an HMV student card can put the card number into their online account, which gives 10% off when not using a voucher code.

Should this be merged with the Play thread, since they're at the same price?


Should this be merged with the Play thread, since they're at the same … Should this be merged with the Play thread, since they're at the same price?

We cannot merge seperate deal threads...

Great deal - cheers. Just ordered series 1 and 2 and used £5 voucher...hopefully quidco will track.:)

good deal!
Beginning to take the mick that you can get a whole series of 24 for £18 and CSI or Scrubs for under £15 and yet the BBC still charge £18 for 6 episodes of Doctor Who or Torchwood
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