24" Suitcase from Co-Op - £6.50 (instore)

24" Suitcase from Co-Op - £6.50 (instore)

Found 6th Feb 2014
Not much to say about it really other than it's a 24" suitcase with wheels and a handle.

It may be national, I don't know, sorry.
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Which coop and brand of case please
This was in Leominster (Herefordshire). Brand says Envoy.
theres only one suitcase brand worth buying ... Samsonite
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Why did you post it twice? You already posted about it in this one.Here
If you know where I can buy Samsonite cases for £6.50 please let us all know.
Because one is 18" and one is 24" - I know that I mentioned them in both posts but if you were looking for an 18" case, you wouldn't necessarily look at the offer for the 24" one....

I can't see that it's a problem :-). This way nobody misses out!
I would disagree with that.
Bought for the Mrs for valentines day. I've booked a hotel room for her! I'm not going, I have another bird coming round.
Is this national, looks good.
Larger stores only for this, clearence line from the January Sale in Group stores.
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