24 THE GAME PS2 - £5.99 at Shopto *last few*
24 THE GAME PS2 - £5.99 at Shopto *last few*

24 THE GAME PS2 - £5.99 at Shopto *last few*

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Next best price is £10.50(new) - No great shakes of a game by all accounts, but not that bad either.

"Stock: Last few"

Go through Quidco for 4% cashback - £2 off voucher available.

Over 100 missions, including gun fights, stealth, sniping, driving, satellite tracking, phone tracing, interrogation and more!

Three Playable Characters; begin as Jack Bauer and jump to new characters of the show as the plot unveils

The authentic 24 experience, featuring past and present 24 cast members, plus the show's signature double-bluffs, multiple plot strands and cliff hangers

Like the show, the game presents the story in Multi panel windows explain events that are happening with different characters, simultaneously


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Inbetween posting the deal and ordering the game myself - prob 2 mins - the stock status changed from "stock due in" to "last few".

tis a good game

The actual gameplay here is a bit generic and rubbish, but all the cut scenes, and split-screen stuff (you see plot developments as you are playing sometimes) is very cool. A bit of a "concept game" really. Even though it's only £6 I'd recommend renting it only..

"Sorry, this product no longer exists in our database."

Sorry I have to ask...is the game in real-time and 24 hours worth?

EVENTS OCCUR IN REAL TIME! Except for when you die and have to do it over again. Decent game, I completed it just for the story as its not too bad a plot either.

Given that you might give the police the slip in a car chase around LA in 5 minutes, or drag it out for 30, the concept of real-time doesn't apply.

I've never managed to get into the actual show but loved the game.

Quality game...well worth £6. Hot
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