24: The Game (PS2) - £7.99 delivered !!

24: The Game (PS2) - £7.99 delivered !!

Found 13th Nov 2006
24: The Game (PS2) is just £7.99 delivered from Play.com

Review : It's the longest day of your life... As agent Jack Bauer, face 24 hours of relentless action, interrogation, driving and shooting as a new a immediate terrorist threat puts thousands of lives at stake.

Set between seasons two and three, 24: The Game takes advantage of a unique opportunity to create 'another one of those days' in the life of counter terrorist agent Jack Bauer (played in the game, as in the show, by Kiefer Sutherland). Mission styles include gun-play, stealth, driving, sniping, gadgets and puzzles. The game structure is real-time with rapidly unfolding plots including well known and new characters, complex plot strands, traitors, moles, double-bluffs and cliff-hangers. Interrogation scenes offer a unique new type of more thoughtful gameplay that compliments the variety of action missions.

Special Features : Over 100 missions, including gun fights, stealth, sniping, driving, satellite tracking, phone tracing, interrogation and more! | Three Playable Characters | begin as Jack Bauer and jump to new characters of the show as the plot unveils | The authentic 24 experience, featuring past and present 24 cast members, plus the show's signature double-bluffs, multiple plot strands and cliff hangers | Like the show, the game presents the story in Multi panel windows explain events that are happening with different characters, simultaneously


great find although parents be warned unlike the series (which i think is brilliant) there is a lot of swearing in the PS2 game

Got pretty reasonable reviews, definitely worth a look in at that price.
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