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24 tins of chappie for £11.28 - that's 47p a tin @ Asda
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24 tins of chappie for £11.28 - that's 47p a tin @ Asda

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Posted 27th Oct 2013

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Been looking around for cheapest deals on chappie dog food and this is the best I found - only 47p a tin.
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No dog lover would feed their dog this muck
I cannot fathom why anybody would feed their dogs this rubbish. It's husk and cheap manufactured offcuts of God-knows-what. There are far more superior wet foods which are much better nutritionally and around the same price as this. Cold from me, I'd never give my dog such junk.
Can't stand the stuff...wouldn't feed it to my dog!
Have you got bunk in your junk? Yes if you buy this

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Anyone who feeds their dog this needs reporting to rspca
yuck would never feed my dogs this
Not fit for a dog
Will kill your pet by feeding this muck

But nice in a pie with some chips & beans
Not got a dog. But I can still remember the foul smell of Chappie from when I was a kid. Used to turn my stomach if I had to feed our dog.

Amazed to see it is still sold, thought it had long vanished.
We feed our dog a food called nature diet, wouldn't buy anything else now - beautiful shiny coat and a very happy dog. Wilko sell it for 88p
Vets recommend this due to the fish oil in it and it's been around for years my dogs have the dried chappie and a bet recommended that to
Vet not bet
or Winalot always £10 for 24 in asda ..... way below wholesale price !! ...
my dogs are fed this too, as recommended by my vet as its they said its as good as the Science diet we bought from them but obviously much cheaper. Its previous rep was a long time ago.
Sorry folks but if my qualified vet recommends it then that is good enough for me. Plus when I've got a very fussy dog who wont eat anything else but chappie and it doesn't make her sick then I going to stick with it. I agree it looks and smells bad but lets face it, I'm not going to starve her to death just to save face. Plus there is crap is all dog food, it's not regulated like human food so the expensive stuff is just as rubbish.
Any vet would recommend a food if a dog won't eat anything else, the same way a worried mother will be happy to see her sick child tucking into burgers and fries after they've barely eaten for several days.
My dogs have had Chappie for years, yes recommended by many vets and we find it gentle on their stomachs, other types upset our doggies. They certainly don’t complain or refuse to eat it, in fact they always clean their bowls
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