24 TV Themed Energy Drink 440ml 20p a can @ B&M
24 TV Themed Energy Drink 440ml 20p a can @ B&M

24 TV Themed Energy Drink 440ml 20p a can @ B&M

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I was in B&M, York Road, Leeds store yesterday
and they had the 24 TV Themed Energy Drink 440ml
diet and normal for 20p a can.
Posted for anybody that may find it of use.
Sorry I couldn't find an image of the product.




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Thans lee2008
for the image. :thumbsup:

tis ok man nice deal:D not as good as red bull or relentless but 20p a can is sweet and i live in york so im checking this out later today

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Is there a B&M in York as well.
That would be handy.

dont think so but my grandparents live in leeds and im going there a bit later and its on route via york road:P:D

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That's OK then

Don't kow if your interested
but they also had tins of Heinz Mean Beanz Italian
baked beans with herbs for 29p a tin.
Had some last night and they were allright.
Yum Yum :-D

bargain mania down there:P:P well im going to stop buy and buy a few cans of that 24 drink..lol now you mention the beans..its just ideal aint it lol:P Thanks and repped:P

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How do I rep you back
Bit of a newbie at this. :oops:

lol you dont have to..but you see the two weight things on your name..(2nd icon down above the warning sign and heat sign lol) its that one..just add a comment and click add good rep ..but dont have to mate lol thats how to do it anyway:P

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Thaks matey

But i'm gonna do it, theres no stopping me now,
I'm just getting the hang of all this.
That's if I get it right.
After all you did supply the image :thumbsup:

lol the drink is a money making excuse though:P just looked around and people hate it! I have to admit ive never seen the diet version

whatever next?

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Never mind there's still the beanz. :thumbsup:

Any claim that it might make that I'll be able to drive, fight, interrogate, shoot and kiss a President's rear for a full day after drinking it, might be a bit much to live up to.

the home bargain near me were also doing this for 19p.x

Is this a northern thing ?

Maybe it is. I've seen them in the Mcr Arndale's Poundworld.
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