24 (Twenty Four) Season 1-8 plus Redemption [DVD] 50 DVD Boxset £89.99 delivered @ HMV

24 (Twenty Four) Season 1-8 plus Redemption [DVD] 50 DVD Boxset £89.99 delivered @ HMV

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Cheapest I've seen this. Beats the recent Amazon price drop by £5 and elsewhere:-
bee.com £149.99
Zavvi £159.85
Base.com £169.95
Play.com £171.99
MovieMail £216.49

Season 1: The first episode begins at midnight on the day of the California Presidential Primary. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) heads up the government's Counter-Terrorist Unit. He discovers that there's going to be an assassination attempt on Senator Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), an African-American presidential candidate. Bauer faces a battle against the clock to avert disaster.

Season 2: Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) race to prevent a nuclear bomb being detonated by terrorists in Los Angeles in the second season of 24.

Season 3: When the head of a Mexican drug cartel is imprisoned by Jack Bauer (Sutherland), a plot ensues to blackmail the US Government with the threat of a released bio-weapon that will kill millions to ensure his release. With Palmer seeking re-election to a second term, will Jack survive this day?

Season 4: 18 months after day 3, CTU has a new leader, Erin Driscoll, a steely government agent who made firing Jack one of her first priorities. After the explosion of a commuter train, Jack, who is now working for Secretary of Defense James Heller and also is romantically involved with Heller's married daughter, Audrey Raines, suddenly finds himself heading back to CTU for a meeting with Driscoll. Jack believes that the train explosion is a prelude for bigger things to come...

Season 5: 18 months have passed since the events of Day 4. With the exception of David Palmer, Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler and Chloe O'Brian, the world believes that Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is dead...
Jack is, in fact, living under the name of Frank Flynn and conceals his identity by taking a manual job on an oil rig. However, when President Logan is placed at the centre of a labyrinthine conspiracy involving the signing of a vital U.S. - Russian arms treaty, Jack is forced back into action!

Season 6: Season 6 picks up 20 months after last season's shocking season finale, when Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) was captured by Chinese government agents - battered, bloodied and header for points unknown. Wayne Palmer (DB Woodside) is now the President of the United States. After a series of horrific terrorist attacks, Palmer and his team of advisors begin an unthinkable nail-biting day.

Season 7: The eagerly anticipated Season 7 starts with Jack being forced to stand trial for human rights violations after returning from Africa, but he is soon drafted back into action when terrorists threaten America's national security by taking control of its communication systems. As Bauer sets out to uncover who is behind the menacing plot, he discovers an old friend he believed to be dead could be involved.

Season 8: Amidst the shadows of the Statue of Liberty and the United Nations, President Allison Taylor, negotiates international security with Omar Hassan, a determined Middle Eastern leader visiting the U.S. As the new day begins, an upgraded CTU operates under the command of M.B.A.-schooled, razor-sharp head honcho Brian Hastings.

Redemption: On they day of the Presidential Inauguration, Jack Bauer finds himself in the midst of a bloody uprising in the small African nation of Sangala. He must risk his life to transport a group or orphans to the American Embassy and sacrifice his own freedom to ensure that they are evacuated out of the country and make it safely to America.


same price instore at manchester was in there about an hour ago.

Damn it Tony!!!

Nice just posted it for £94.97 at amazon but this is even better. Seems to be a 24 war on. I would still like blu ray for this.

I'm federal agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life...

still far too much money


still far too much money

for 8 seasons of the greatest tv show of all time?

its just over a tenner per 18 hours of entertainment its a bargain


for 8 seasons of the greatest tv show of all time?its just over a tenner … for 8 seasons of the greatest tv show of all time?its just over a tenner per 18 hours of entertainment its a bargain

agreed but once youve watched them all they sit and collect dust ebay first watch then sell, paid for all 8 seasons that way

Why does this set have 48 dvd's when Amazon has 50?

1st and second were good then all copy paste,ta

I think the pprice will fall a lot quite quickly. The series is awesome, but its still a lot for the dvd version, especially when you see how far the west wing set has fallen.

I want this so much it hurts, but I can't even consider spending £90 on DVDs!


for 8 seasons of the greatest tv show of all time?its just over a tenner … for 8 seasons of the greatest tv show of all time?its just over a tenner per 18 hours of entertainment its a bargain

£90 on a boxset of dvds? im sorry but that would be too much for blu ray

You are getting weeks and weeks of viewing. If price is an issue then look at the other boxed sets that say only have seasons 1-6 there were some silly prices for those. Do a search.
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Seriously, people think £90 for 8 seasons + TV movie of a very entertaining show (even if the middle few season were poor by 24 standards) is too expensive. It can't have been out that long?

Agreed though that this'll soon be cheaper. I'll hold out for the complete set on blu-ray and sub £100 price.

Voted hot, out of the 8 series only 2 are below par.

watch Lost instead, its cheaper...ha ha!

I need a box 4-8 boxset!!!!

5-8 rather!!!

Jack's car gets stolen = "Damn it"
Someone gets robbed = "Damn it"
Someone gets assassinated = "Damn it"

There's a 24 drinking game, everyone has a shot when "Damn it" is uttered.


1st and second were good then all copy paste,ta

Oh dear, I'm struggling to get through these, mid way thru season 2 and was praying it would get better...

nice one.. I love it.. but I wont spend 90 quid on DVD.... very good series..

I have seen 24, all season twice, when it ended i felt like apart of me was missing, not sure if its worth £90 for well worth watching if you havent seen it

Blu-ray complete for £40 and I'd consider it.

But £90 for DVD?
No chance.

For those saying this is overpriced, it was originally introduced at £300 in-store at HMV ... !

I think it's certainly a 'hot deal' by definition, and I've added heat.
But people's perception of 'value' for a boxset has changed dramatically in the last year or so.

When you can get 10 series' of Friends for a score, £80 seems like a hell of a lot of money

True, but friends is whack. How many people get tortured into giving information in friends? It would certainly speed up the romance between Ross and Rachel.

fresno bob

Blu-ray complete for £40 and I'd consider it.But £90 for DVD?No chance.

Hell, why not for free.
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