24 volt hammer and drill kit £34.95 delivered @ woolworths

24 volt hammer and drill kit £34.95 delivered @ woolworths

Found 10th Oct 2007
This 24 Volt Hammer and Drill Kit is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast. Featuring a one hour super-fast charge, a spare battery pack and an assortment of twelve handy accessories.


1 hour fast charge
Spare battery pack included
Includes a carry case with 12 accessories


I wish I knew what a volt hammer was, yet google is just so much effort...


I wish I knew what a volt hammer was, yet google is just so much effort...


It means '24 Volt'

Good price, but would be even better if it was SDS!

SDS? What makes SDS so special?

Not sarcasm, just lazyness

Just a much more effective hammer drill + very easy to insert/remove drill bits.


buy cheap buy twice.

doubt this will be any good.


buy cheap buy twice.doubt this will be any good.

..... Woolworth's. Doubt they'll care :whistling:


Which kind of jigsaw bits can I use in this please?


looks cheaply made.



looks cheaply made.

Judging from the picture I would guess at around £12.78 to make in materials and 73p of rice to the poor Chinese worker who put it together! so yes cheaply made


My point being yes this will be cheaply made as its on sale for £45 or so if you want something for professional work buy a DeWalt it will cost you £300 so it's horses for courses

Cheap and no good? I don't think so. It's silver and has a handle thing on the side and everything...:giggle:

Makes me laugh the people who still think you have to pay through the nose for anything to be any good.No idea about the woolworth ones but iv'e got 2 24volt drills i bought from aldi 4 years ago and there still the best iv'e had cost me £25 each,All Aldi tools have a 3 year guarantee with them and are excellent quality.Aren't Dewalt black and decker now.I'm a builder and these drills get a lot of use.

I checked this out in Woolworths Cosham
Marked up as was £79 now £39
And with 3yr guarentee too
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