24 x 440ml Cans of Magners Irish Cider - now down to £12.00 at Tesco

24 x 440ml Cans of Magners Irish Cider - now down to £12.00 at Tesco

Found 25th Feb 2009
Tesco had packs of 12 x 440ml cans of Magners Irish Cider on a 2 for £15.00 offer. Online, they have now updated the offer to make it 2 for £12.

The original deal worked out at £1.42 per litre / 81p per pint / 63p per can, but now it is £1.14 per pint / 65p per pint.

It should be noted that this offer will only be available in stores that stock these cases, which means it will not show online for everyone. So for example, it is not available online if your delivery store is Exeter Vale, but it is available in store in Honiton

Just to quickly cover a few of the points that always crop up in threads about Magners:

Magners in Ireland is sold under the trade name of Bulmers (totally separate to the Bulmers in the UK). They don't have the right to the name in the UK, so sell it under the name of Magners. (thanks to gratts for this)

Many may consider Magners to be 'an overpriced mass-market fashion drink'. If you feel this way fair enough and you can move on to a deal that interests you.

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This is gonna go through the roof....HOT.
Maggies me up :w00t:

Tescos for me tomorrow !

Heat and rep added - this should be a scorcher :thumbsup:
be quick this will sell out faster than you have time to get to tescos
Really? I bet they will have all gone by the time i get down to my local.

Very cheap for Magners. Hot.
Good price but it is quite different from the bottles.
HOLY MOLY HOT! Now this is the perfect way to forget about the credit crunch! Excellent spot! I think this should go 2000 degrees hot
Great deal, H&R ::thumbsup:

Great deal, H&R ::thumbsup:

My local Morrisons was doing 4 big bottles that are usually 1.67 each! For a fiver.
at £12.49 for 1 case, this is very bargainful. there were loads of cases left in tiverton, but i only helped myself to 2 cases. voted hot.
if only it was summer outside these would be all the better.
totally sperate to the bulmers in the uk lol so why in england have we got a "new" irish drink called magners and when i went to dublin they have a "new" drink called bulmers

greatest advertising scam ever and so many people fell for it
2 pint bottles for £3 in asda too
I've only tried Strongbow so far and will give Magners a shot with this deal :thumbsup:
cracking deal for a usually over priced cider.
sainsburys and waitrose usually sell for £13-14/case.
tesco's irlam still had three boxes on thurs night.

also worth a look are the 7.3% Westons Organic Draught Vintage Cider (3L) boxes @ £4.78 - and it's supporting an english brewer :lol::lol::lol::lol:

I've only tried Strongbow so far and will give Magners a shot with this … I've only tried Strongbow so far and will give Magners a shot with this deal :thumbsup:

You won't regret it!


That said i still drink strongbow endlessly ;-)
Having been a Strongbow drinker for a long time I have recently swapped to Magners, and Bulmers, and all I can say is that the 2 day hangovers I used to get with Strongbow are now down to a mere one morning!!

Bring it on!
Still on offer at my local Tesco, bought 4 cases today
STRONGBOW RULES! magners tastes just like dry blackthorn, tried it to see what the hype was all about when on TV. Wouldn't bother again even if was half the price of Strongbow. Grat deal found by cuzzy, morrisons.co.uk/Off…ks/ 30 tins for £16
Now reduced online to 2 for £12. I've updated the original post.

All of the displays in the stores I visited today still showed this offer as 2 for £15, rather than the 2 for £12 shown online, so anyone ordering online would do well to save a screenshot of the offer, in case they try to renege on the offer.

Great deal, my partner loves Magners. I had ordered it at 2 for £15 but noticed when I went back to add some stuff to my order it had gone down to £12, bargain!:thumbsup:

You won't regret it! Magner>Piss>Strongbow

You are right. There is definitely a different taste to Magners and having had Strongbow for so long I have to say that I now prefer Magners. I better stock up before this offer runs out next week
It's worth remembering that the better than BOGOF saving here results in a good situation with using online vouchers.

For example, if you order 6 packs, the original total is £74.94. This means you can use a £7 off voucher based on a £70 spend. The result is that the delivery works out free and you get the cider even cheaper than 50p per can.

Thanks for the post ClashInDevon :thumbsup:

Thanks for the reminder that this is still available too Roger_Chef
it's 2 for £12 instore now as well. picked up 24 cans today.
Great price,might see if i can get some tomorrow
Just a reminder that this offer ends today.

Mind you, Tesco are not resting on their laurels and from tomorrow, they have a new offer:

[INDENT]Magners Irish Cider 12x440ml - Special Purchase £12.00 Price Cut effective on deliveries from Wednesday 25 March - valid from 25/03/2009 until 05/04/2009[/INDENT]

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