24 x 500ml Coke/Diet @ £5.40 at Makro

24 x 500ml Coke/Diet @ £5.40 at Makro

Found 15th Feb 2015
£5.40 Inc VAT, Available nationwide i believe

Works out at approx 23p a bottle



wow... that's very decent

Any available in Leicester?

not at Chadderton

£14 in Liverpool

Which Costco did you get this from op? I'm hoping it's close to me

Original Poster

This was at Park Royal

+£30 membership fee.

Picture does not look like Costco labelling is it Makro ?

Original Poster

I'm so sorry...yes it is Makro, i'm a member at both

Thanks Pendu73

omg, can't believe I went on a wild goose chase, Surely you know if your at Makro or Costco i'm a member at both a defo know the diffrence

Oh my days, can't believe I made a trip to costco Leicester for nothing.
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