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Posted 2 January 2023

24 X LEFFE BLONDE ZERO 0% ALCOHOL FREE BEER 250ML BOTTLES - £14.99 (Min order value of £20 must be made) @ Discount Dragon

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    Not the greatest Alcohol Free beer, but there is something I never understand ?

    One of the greatest costs of alcohol is supposed to be the taxation, yet this alcohol free version is around £2.50 a litre, while the full alcohol version is only £2.28 a litre ?? (edited)
    Apparently the excuse is that if they start by brewing normal beer they then have to go to the extra time and expense of taking out the alcohol and making it fizzy again. If they start out by brewing with a low alcohol producing yeast, then they have to replace the taste of the missing alcohol with expensive botanicals (saffron, natural vanilla etc). There are also economies of scale to consider. Smaller non-alcoholic batches means more expense.

    However the big factor is how much of the price of a pint is duty. 0.5% ABV and below is considered to be alcohol free and so duty free. Anything above this is taxed. I was actually surprised at just how little this amount was though. The duty is just 19.08p per one percent of alcohol (ABV). So, on a typical 5% ABV pint of beer you pay:

    19.08p x 5 = 95.4p per litre, or just over 54p a pint.

    That 54p difference between duty paid and duty free quickly erodes due to the extra production costs, more expensive ingredients, and advertising budget. (edited)
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    0% beer isn't beer
    when you are on chemotherapy you take what you can get
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    The title here is a complex puzzle where grammar meets mathematics in the ultimate battle of double and triple negative wits.

    "zero 0% alcohol"

    "0% alcohol free"

    "zero 0% alcohol free"

    "free beer"
    Stop making my brain hurt!
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    0% and Leffe don't go together for me.
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    6.6% down to 0%
  6. Avatar
    Think this is £4.99 for 24 at our local shop , it’s very dusty too so not really selling at that price.
    Feel like I'd enjoy that local shop!
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    Totally not bad for alcohol free beer. Damming with faint praise, i know
    "Damning with fake praise"
  8. Avatar
    Out of stock. Would've been tempted at that price.
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  10. Avatar
    Aldi 15 bottle's of becks under£8 (edited)
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    Yep, just enjoying a blonde (Leffe) as we speak.

    Doesn't Belgian beers distinctive taste come from their strength? How would this translate to 0%

    6.6% is already lower than most
    It doesn’t translate. That’s why they are struggling to shift this stuff, it’s not comparable in any way
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