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24 x Mackeson The Original & Genuine Stout 330ml Beer Cans (Best Before End February) - £11.99 (Min spend £20) @ Discount Dragon

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  • 24 x Mackeson The Original & Genuine Stout 330ml Beer Cans
  • Mackeson is the original and genuine ‘milk stout’ from early 20th century.
  • Milk stout is a stout containing lactose, a sugar derived from milk.
  • Because lactose is unfermentable, it adds sweetness and body to this stout.
  • Indulge in the rich, smooth taste of Mackeson The Original & Genuine Stout.
  • This premium stout is brewed using only the finest ingredients, resulting in a full-bodied flavor that is both robust and satisfying.
  • The 330ml cans are the perfect size to enjoy alone or to share with friends.
  • Experience the unique taste of Mackeson Stout and discover why it’s a classic favorite amongst beer connoisseurs
  • ABV 2.8%
  • 24 x 330ml Cans (Total 7920ml)
  • Minimum Best Before End February 2023

£20 minimum spend
Discount Dragon More details at Discount Dragon
Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.
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    ABV 2.8%? Didn't it used to be stronger than this? Still a great deal
    Has always been low ABV but yes it was reduced from 3.0% to 2.8% in 2012 in order to qualify for duty relief.

    If you find yourself in Trinidad you can pick up the 4.9% ABV XXX edition!
  2. Avatar
    I was absolutely biting till I saw abv lol, sorry says more about me than the deal. Still hot.🔥
    Don't worry mate! I was exactly the same.... Needs to be 4pc really to consider
  3. Avatar
    "The 330ml cans are the perfect size to enjoy alone or to share with friends."

    How many friends? They clearly can't be thirsty!

    Meaningless marketing rubbish!
    Maybe they are suggesting that rather than drinking all 24 cans yourself, you can give a few to friends?
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    Good for breastfeeding apparently (in moderation): https://www.mimijumi.com/blogs/mimijumi-blog/foods-to-help-increase-your-milk-supply#:~:text=Yup%2C%20you%20read%20that%20right,to%20indulge%20in%20while%20breastfeeding.
    Gonna give it a go as a party trick for when I whap my moobs out.
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    you would drown before getting drunk on this. HOT for yumminess though. Years ago your Hospital consultant would ask that a bottle of this served with your Lunch, as well as a glass of Sherry on Sundays. Stopped around late 1970's as a cost cutter. This was in selected Hospitals under NHS.
    While I was in hospital last year I could barely believe it when one of the doctors suggested getting some beers for a patient across from me who was having trouble eating.
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    My late Grandma used to have a can of this every night. Happy memories x
    Yeah my late nan used to like it on the odd occasion especially Xmas.
  7. Avatar
    Add some cider
  8. Avatar
    good old school stout this - mix it with a 330ml gold label barley wine and you’re cooking with gas
    Recall a scary night on the Barley Wine with Whisky chasers or was it the other way around  , went downhill very very quickly. Staggering home from the pub along the footpath was like a scene from the Headless Horseman ,  the trees were closing in they were out to get me.
  9. Avatar
    Maccy Vimto
    straight from the sixties along with coke and whiskey (cheeky). The Beatles drank it..............so steady...........
  10. Avatar
    Ena Sharples used to drink mackison on coronation Street back in the day
    Yes and Minnie Caldwell and look where they both are now:-(
  11. Avatar
    Your going to need a lot more bog roll.
  12. Avatar
    Soon as I reject cookies a Google pop up appears every time.
    Yeah, they do that on purpose as a way of saying "accept the cookies or jog on".
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    Don't see much of this these days.
  14. Avatar
    Is this Guinness shandy?
    Used to have Maccies Shandy at end of night thinking would help with hangover
  15. Avatar
    I remember this was alan balls favourite when drinking with him in liverpool
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