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Posted 9 January 2023

24 x 46g Yorkie Chocolate Bars £10.00 / £9.50 Subscribe & Save @ Amazon

£10£16.8040% off
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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Cheaper with S&S (£9.50 or even £8.50 as some have found)

Works out to £0.42 per bar (£0.36 if ur lucky to get for £8.50)

Product details

Brand - Nestlé
Format Bar
Occasion Birthday
Chocolate type Milk
Flavour - Original
Units - 1104.0 gram

YORKIE Original chocolate bars contain five solid blocks of smooth milk chocolate
The iconic, chunky chocolate bars, now in a multipack with even more to enjoy
Milk Chocolate that is naturally free from colours and preservatives
Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives
Quality, 100% certified sustainable cocoa beans selected through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan
added by louiselouise:

£10 One-time Purchase
£9.50 Subscribe & Save (will be less if you have five or more Subscribe & Saves)4066315_1.jpgIngredients:
Sugar Dried Whole MILK Cocoa Butter Cocoa Mass Vegetable Fat (from Palm/Shea/Sal/Illipe/Kokum Gurgi/Mango Kernel) Lactose and Proteins from Whey (from MILK) Whey Powder (from MILK) Butterfat (from MILK) Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin)
4066315_1.jpgPrices for ONE 46g bar, from Trolley dot co dot uk: trolley.co.uk/pro…628
(Co-op is the cheapest - 60p a bar if you buy two)4066315_1.jpgAs for 24 x 46g packs:
£12.29 (Incl VAT) + £2.99 Delivery = £15.28 Wholesale Sweets wholesalesweets.co.uk/yor…pmp

Google Shopping says, here
4066315_1.jpgSome reviews:4066315_1.jpg4066315_1.jpg4066315_1.jpg
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Avatar
    I've added heat, but unfortunately Yorkies are too chunky for my dentures
    Take it as a suppository
  2. Avatar
    Am i missing something as cant see why everybody saying its a hot deal.

    You can buy a pack of 3 46g Yorkies at Asda/Tesco etc for £1.25. So if you buy 8 x packs of 3 bars (24 in total) then it will cost £10. (8 x £1.25 = 10)

    Yorkie Milk Chocolate Bars Multipack - ASDA Groceries
    travel to asda where they may or may not have them or order from the comfort of your home from Amazon (even cheaper with Subscribe and Save so win win no?)
  3. Avatar
    For those asking about expiry dates my latest S&S delivery came in November and this is the BB date on the box
    49274445-dtm41.jpg (edited)
    There's a screenshot in the OP. 49276130-bdZVX.jpg
  4. Avatar
    49273051-4Ro5F.jpg Apparently expiry date is December 2022.....
    The person answering that was another seller on Amazon, these are sold directly from Amazon so their answer is null and void
  5. Avatar
    Caught myself in the mirror today. I look like someone who would have a Yorkie subscription.

  6. Avatar
    These used to be 70g and are now only 46g, so there's no need to worry whether they're suitable for women anymore. The little lady will be fine.

    Almost fun sized now then
  7. Avatar
    Asda 3 for 1.25 0.416p per bar
    less than half a penny a bar is brilliant, you should post this, it would be the hottest deal this year "Fire Emoji"
  8. Avatar
    4 for £1 in the heron and farmfoods , on and off offers, just bulk buy when the cone in
    The barbarian?
  9. Avatar
    Looks like price has gone up but on the app it was offering it me for £9.50 but on a laptop £8.50 and also in the description said party bag filler
    Even they recognise the size is comical
    Price still the same. Just depends whether you’ve ordered enough other S&S items to get the 15% discount as opposed to 5%. Why different between the app and laptop I don’t know, possibly you weren’t logged in on app so wasn’t accounting for other items on your usual S&S. 
  10. Avatar
    Anyone know the expiry on these ??
    Apparently the use by date is December 2022 as someone answered under the question answer section on amazon.
  11. Avatar
    What's that per bar I failed maths

    Love this chocolate (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Tesco is £1.25 for 3, £10 for 24

    S&S not available now & stock 1-3 weeks away
  13. Avatar
    Now if only these were Raisin & Biscuit
    Raisin and Biscuit ones are absolutely business!! I haven’t had one in years, 100% going to be getting a couple this week
  14. Avatar
    Men only
    They were the days - along with Escort and Fiesta 😋
  15. Avatar
    Usually get these from B & M 3 for £1.25 along with the Raisin and Biscuit ones. Noticed that the Raisin and Biscuit ones are now 44g, I'm sure they used to be 46g. Really dislike how everything is shrinking, what a waste of packaging. I'd rather they just kept it at a proper size and upped the price. Cadbury's bars appear to have shrunk even more.
    Mars bars are the worst! You can buy an Aldi equivalent in a 5 pack for about 69p I think! The confectionary tins have shrunk nearly 40% in the last few years! Does my head in!
  16. Avatar
    Would rather eat dog chocolate. Even Americans think this is rank..
    you tried Hersheys tastes like sick
  17. Avatar
    Yorkie Original, wish they were the original size & weight, not 46g funsize bars.
    They'll get smaller still, don't worry. Good thing about shrinkflation though is that it's finite, they can only shrink things for so long before they become unsellable. I guess that's when prices will rise instead, denting sales. What a terrible predicament for the massively rich Nestlé.
  18. Avatar
    Good deal - vile chocolate.
  19. Avatar
    chunky ? more like dinky
  20. Avatar
    This seems like a very good deal. I just can't bring myself to buy 24 bars of chocolate though.
    Just buy the 3 pack in any supermarket then. Works out same price as this is the standard price for multipacks.
  21. Avatar
    As a rough guide less than £1 for 100g of a brand name chocolate is a decent price. Thats just buying 1 bar, you are buying a full box here to get it at less than £1 per 100g so not that great an offer. (edited)
    but you cant buy Yorkie in larger sizes can you?????
  22. Avatar
    Not for girls
  23. Avatar
    Quick Google search shows 3x46g are £1.25 from Tesco. Why is this a crazy deal?
    because people are addicted to buying
  24. Avatar
    One hour of minimum wage gets you this deal (if you choose subscribe and save and are 23 or over). You can truly say you worked for this!
  25. Avatar
    remember just for guy's
    You sexist pig, how dare you!
  26. Avatar
    Voted HOT but wont buy,
    I cant be breaking my resolutions so early in the year (edited)
  27. Avatar
    Tastes like cheap advent calendar chocolate. 
  28. Avatar
    One of my favourite but after Xmas it's the same old, can't even look at chocolate
  29. Avatar
    Quite a bit smaller than the original 70g version or the 64.5g, 61g, 55g versions that have followed it. Maybe I should get a box of them now before they go under 40g
  30. Avatar
    Could someone add that these are not for girls?
    its 2022, people in the UK don't know the difference between an XX Chromosome and XY Chromosome Very Progressive.
  31. Avatar
    Junk food so cold from me
  32. Avatar
    It's not for girls...
  33. Avatar
    8.50 ss
  34. Avatar
    £8.50 for me thanks
  35. Avatar
    36p a bar
  36. Avatar
    Any deals for raisin and biscuit version? (edited)
    I was thinking that too!
    Glad you raised it.
  37. Avatar
    Ever since they moved to Nestle from Roundtree they've changed a lot of their products specially this one.

    Family member used to work for roundtrees and get products from their internal shop.

    Like even the walnut whips the chocolate mould design was more coarse and thicker chocolate now a more softer smoother design and also doing away with the small black square at the bottom
    Pretty sure the Yorkie lost a chunk.
    Rolos lost the last Rolo, when they dropped to an even number. I bet it's returned again now! (edited)
  38. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks!
  39. Avatar
    That's a great spot.
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