£2.49 @ h&m frilled girls dresses, online only

£2.49 @ h&m frilled girls dresses, online only

Found 28th Mar 2014
This dress comes in 6 colours and age range is between 1-10 years, a bargain in my opinion.
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1396 gets free del minimum order £6, use 1304 for £5 off
1304 has expired I believe
Ordered the leopard print and the anchor, thank you x
£5 won't work for me x
1304 just worked for me you have to make sure your basket is over £11 or it wont work.
Fab dresses at wonderful price
Just used both codes together and was fine! Great find thanks!
1304 doesn't work for me!
Hope your discounted orders slip through the net, H&M are cracking down on code abuse at the moment so best of luck.
Thanks, managed to use both codes and got 5 dresses delivered for £7.50 - perfect
1304 not working although £11.96 in basket
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me too
DISCOUNT: -£17.50
total to be paid 7.45
tried to oreder another 5 but wouldnt accept the codes for £5 discount
1304 worked for me, i had £20.93 in the basket lots of lovely dresses on there cheap as anything did some holiday clothes shopping. thanks OP 8 dresses delivered for under 16! happy indeed
Couldn't get 1304 to work at first so entered 1396 first for free del then 1304 and was all ok, nice deal
Very HOT !!!
I've also called to confirm another order and they have a list of telephone only offers with 80%.
So I have £10 off as over £40 automatically, then the £5 off over £11 and free delivery not forgetting the 25% off one item!
Now have 14 girls dresses for £27.80 should see my girls through summer
Ordered!! Along with some other reduced bits. LOVE the pink dress with French Bulldogs - the fawn one looks just like our pup!
I placed an order a few days ago for some dungarees and free del wasnt available. If only I waited
Thank u so much was really hoping to find a free delivery cord ordered £17 worth and bought it down to £12 plus free del! Thank u x
Just ordered, Thanks op
I had 2 reduced girls tshirts (£2 each) in my basket, some bobbles £1.50) and a pair of boys trackies (£5.99) just gone through to check out and trackies are unavailable for delivery, and my total to pay is £1.49!!! Paid and awaiting confirmation
Dresses sold out but both codes worked - got 4 items for £6.49 !
I think the codes work when you haven't use your account for a while. If you used recently , just create a new one
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Is there any way to get past the £6 minimum order?
Selected 10x £2.99 summer dresses for my girls (had these last year - they're so pretty & perfect for summer hols) got automatic free delivery but code 1304 didn't work. Opened a new account in hubby's name, code worked + free delivery.

10 summer dresses for £24.90 DELIVERED! Heat.
just used both codes to buy some kids clothes and they both worked - thank op x
if someone is looking for a add on item to get the codes then girls pack of 5 briefs age 6-8 listed @ £3.99 is late delivery (apr 21-25). also sweatpants in size 6-7 (purple) delivery apr28 -may2
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i dont get it... the dresses are coming up for me as £4.99 each
1396 won't work for me. But 1304 did....
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