£24.99 2GB Matsui MP3 player from PC World + 6% CB from Quidco
£24.99 2GB Matsui MP3 player from PC World + 6% CB from Quidco

£24.99 2GB Matsui MP3 player from PC World + 6% CB from Quidco

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My first post actually. £24.99 for a 2GB MP3 player is a steal, especially when you consider that it comes with 60 songs preloaded, a podcast and has a voice recording option. Use Mr Quidco for a 6% cashback. Here's a snip

The Matsui MAT120MR doesnt only look good, but stores 600 MP3 songs using the massive internal 2 Gb storage space.

The build USB plug makes transferring songs from your PC very easy just install the supplied software, plug the player into an USB slot and youre ready to go!

With 8 hours battery life and a voice recording function this is the ideal companion for long journeys.


And to think that just a year ago I'd spent £15 on a 128Mb MP3 player :?

What a bargain that is.

Useless if you've already got an iPod though

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PC world sells a 2GB USB drive for the same price....

Anyone know if these are any good? I'm quite tempted.

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I actually purchased one and it sounds quite good. Earphones are pretty decent and so is the display.

got the mrs one for christmas from pc world, it aint the best IMHO

I had 2 but had to take them both back!!......a soon as i downloaded music onto them and tried to listen back to it the screen would just say "loading music" and wouldnt clear!!.....wouldnt turn off either, you had to take the battery out!!!

same thing is happening to the mrs's

I bought the Sony NWE005 from PC world yesterday, a good player apart from the annoying software (i've got used to it by now), and the screen isnt the best in sunlight. But battery life is superb, with 30 hours claimed. £50


If this is anything like the one I bought recently, I took it back because although it says it recognises folders, in practice it doesn't, and plays all tracks in alphabetical order!!

Wouldn't touch :evil:

Thanks for the post and Welcome to HotUKDeals all new members here by the way

Thanks for all the feedback too :pirate:

Just wanted to say that I bought 3 of these for the kids, and they all work perfectly. I added 500 songs to each no problem. In reply to earlier threads, you can set the unit to random play so it shuffles and therefore does not play in alphabetical order.
Also when you add songs as I did and you unplug from the USB port the display does say it is 'sorting library' or something similar. This can take 10-15 minutes (this was after adding 500 songs) but does not mean it has locked up. This does happen only after adding songs however, so next time you turn it on it will play straight away.
PS I bought a cheap car cassette adapter too, so now have about 24 hours of music in the car. Fantastic !
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