24ct Gold Plated 2.0m 1080p HDMI cables only £2.37 instore @ Tescos!

24ct Gold Plated 2.0m 1080p HDMI cables only £2.37 instore @ Tescos!

Found 23rd Nov 2009
Hey guys, my first post...!

Tescos are doing 2.0m HDMI cables in their Teknika range for only £2.37 instore.

Not a massive deal but I know how much these things usually cost so i've bought a few spares for my inevitable expansion into HD





And your point is?
That you can find a more expensive cable!

Was in Tescos (brockworth, gloucester) yesterday afternoon and definitely were not any 2m Teknika hdmi cables at this price .

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Well i was Tescos in Hammersmith yesterday and there definitely was.

I could scan the receipt....

I picked one up at my local Tesco in Newport last week for that price. It was the last one on the shelf and didn't even have pricing information on the shelf - I had to take it to the till to ask the price. It was about £5 cheaper than the Tesco Value 1m cable.

So, proper bargain if you can find one!

"24ct Gold Plated"


Voted hot.

I just bought a couple of the 2m tekinka gold cables for £2.37 each in the Cheetham Hill Tesco. There were 3 left after the two I got.

They have one of those scanners in one of the aisles too, so checked on the prices of a few. The prices on the shelf are not reduced, but they scan at that price. The 3m teknika gold cables were also much less than the shelf price. I think they were £3 or so.

Basically, they have old and new stock of both the 2m and 3m cables. All the old stock is reduced even if the shelf price doesn't show it.

The way to tell the difference is that the old stock has a lot more space in the bag, whilst the new stock is tightly packed without much extra bag space at the top.

i bought 2 technika 2m hdmi cables in tesco on friday and they charged me £2.37 for one and £1.62 for the other so i went to cust service desk and asked what difference was and they said no difference and gave me £1.50 back.they gave me double what id been overcharged

Just picked up 2 x 3m Technika HDMI cables thanks to this thread for the grand price of £3.66 each

Thanks for the post, still active in Tesco Denton. Bought 2 just for the fun of it. Great find!

Headed in today to explore this and the gamestation blu-ray offer, withholding vote till then but looks hot : )
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