24L Cool Box - £1.50 in Sainsburys

24L Cool Box - £1.50 in Sainsburys

LocalFound 26th Aug 2015
A Coolbride Cooler box for just £1.50, was in Sainsburys in Exeter.

Seems to have pretty decent reviews.
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Hopefully won't get too hot or it might melt the cool box
Hot price.
£9 in my local today
Hi I have this and the lid only stays on if ur not carrying it bcoz in order for it to lock u have to put the handle down.
Yah it is a bit crap. And i would be the last to admit it after spending full price on it. I didn't know it wasn't closed properly as I figured it works like any other cooler box. Needless to say, had some lukewarm items at the end of trip.
These are utter ****, I have 3 which were dumped, no insulation just twin wall ..complete garbage, ok to store & seal paperwork in then stick in your loft, you know, as a collective space for a years worth of junk like christmas lights, I use em for my pumpkin paraphanalia..

Price good, item ,..worse than awful.
I did actually measure temperature loss with one of these compared to a properly insulated one once, ..you are better off with a polystyrene cheapo unit with a polystyrene lid, it will do more (we buy em for summer in Canada if we have no room fridge for about $5

just remember "twin wall" is not a cold box, if I have 2 bits of card taped top & bottom witha gap in between I have a "twin wall" ...but you wouldn't build a house round it.

"not fit for purpose"
Would ice blocks help?
if your camping one bag of ice in this coolbox and your beer is cool for the night..works for me.

Would ice blocks help?

Ice blocks always help otherwise the difference between inner & outer temperature is minimal, but remember with an uninsulated box any ice blocks etc are going to rapidly deteriorate, the whole point of an insulated box is not to P1$$ heat or COLD out, by means of retention, therefore these are tat! ..think of a bucket with a ruddy great hole in the bottom as well as the top & you are almost there!

Ice blocks will slow deterioration but prone to as much deterioration themselves as they are constantly bombarded by loss (melt) ..always look for a proper sealing insulated lid & properly insulated walls with polystyrene or better ..it's not rocket science, just idiot buyers in supermarkets who clearly don't think much of you as a customer to push this sort of sh1 ..te upon their "valued customers"
For £1.50 would do to get frozen/ chilled food home from supermarket in warm weather, but maybe not for a day at the beach.
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