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Posted 1 May 2024

BrewDog WingMan 24 x 330ml cans / £23.75 S&S

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Bought these back in December around the £22 price mark and, for an extra £1.75 (with S&S saving) over the more often occurring £31 price mark, thought it would be worth sharing since the sun has sporadically started to appear and these are great for a garden drink!
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  1. namnam's avatar
    Never had this one. How does it compare to BrewDog ALD IPA? (The one they make for ALDI).

    Please don't bother replying if it'a simply to slag off BrewDog. I'm genuinely interested in an unbiased oppinion. (edited)
    bamir.ceka's avatar
    Not had the ALDI one but this tastes kinda similar to neck oil for me if that helps
  2. Jonnyblock's avatar
    S&S gone.
  3. Manya1983's avatar
    I’m a fan of IPA but this was a miss for me.
    Pigsy.'s avatar
    Yup, weak canned sparkling water.
  4. joeymcjoe's avatar
    A brewdog deal about to go hot???
  5. Regprentice's avatar
    wasnt a fan of wingman. no aftertaste at all, like water after the first sip.

    I recently bought a case of 24x Camden pale ale on amazon for £18.40 with S&S and a £2 discount code - this offer still appears to be live though theres not much stock left (12 cases it says). IMHO Camden Pale Ale is substantially better than Wingman.

    Camden Pale Ale Can, 24 Pack 330 ml Cans

  6. Godsenseuk's avatar
    21.25 if you have full SnS discount. Thanks OP have bought to try. Hope I like it 😃
  7. smudgemobile's avatar
    Congratulations on your 1st deal
  8. skdotcom's avatar
    I'm a Brewdog shareholder. Not a Brewdog beer I would buy out of choice. I think this is meant to be competing against Neck Oil but not as good IMHO. Hazy Jane is probably their only core beer I drink these days. Good deal though
  9. avidmuffin's avatar
    Ta ordered a couple of crates.
  10. Ecek's avatar
    Great, perfect with summer round the corner!
  11. ansonuk1's avatar
    4.3% abv, 300ml size. Maybe the expensive price reflects the gaudily decorated can ? ❄️
    bamir.ceka's avatar
    330ml pretty standard and the 440ml is @ £26 for 12 cans so comparatively this is much better… although I guess yellow can be hard to handle apparently
  12. craigbob's avatar
    Not my favourite of theirs but would be a nice one for the summer to give out at a BBQ
  13. doobyduck's avatar
    Far too fizzy
  14. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    S&S options have gone, with dispatch in 2 to 4 weeks.
  15. smokedsausage's avatar
    Decent deal and well spotted . £1 can brewdog good l quite like this beer
  16. millarcat's avatar
    Nice post bamir.ceka This is my 'go-to' beer right now.

    I do love Neck Oil too, it's a close shave, but I would say Wingman is the front runner for me and usually works out a bit cheaper - would be more than happy with either though
  17. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Poor imo, and I try most things. Nothing like neck oil as others have mentioned.
  18. Bill_Carr_PH's avatar
    S&S was back for me a few mins ago, might be worth trying again if you're looking for it.
  19. Konamicode79's avatar
    A very average session IPA. Planet pale, Ald IPA or Speedbird is much nicer in my opinion.
  20. Andy's avatar
    Thanks for taking the time to post your first deal
  21. jonnyholywoodni's avatar
    Good spot op. Not that fussed on brewdog myself but decent price. Doesn’t the Amazon site suck. Tried to look for other ales in 24pks and you can’t even filter by case size above 5 cans.
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