25 Free Downloads when you sign up with emusic. FREE TRIAL

25 Free Downloads when you sign up with emusic. FREE TRIAL

Found 5th Apr 2008
Get 25 free songs to download with your free trial on eMusic the great new site to get all your mp3 music for your ipod or mp3 player. The 25 songs you download are yours to keep whether or not you choose to upgrade to full subscription after the trial period and if you do upgrade songs are less than 22p to download. Sign-up for your free trial today!


Got 50 songs free when I signed up directly from the main page. If you continue the cheapest (per-track)monthly rate is 100 tracks/£20 = 20p a track (without counting your free 50 tracks to drop the price further). I signed up in the last few months btw, and the year before that, before both times quitting due to getting all the strange/eclectic/'alternative' music I could find for that time and not having anything else to download... but even someone like Tori Amos or Mike Oldfield has nothing there, only 2 or 3 compilation or cover albums (by someone else)...

Yep, I tried a free trial with them. Absolutely nothing worth downloading. All of the stuff that appears at first glance to be real? Turns out to be cheap cover versions by people you've never heard of.

Have to jump to the defense of emusic here - i've been a subscriber for around 9 months now, with their £14.99 per month subsription (75 tracks).
There are lots of things worth downloading if you look hard enough, but it doesn't really cater much to the mainstream market. However, as a fan of Indie/Alternative music, its got most of the music I want. For instance they have pretty much the entire catalogue of the 'XL', Rough Trade', 'Matador', '4AD' and 'One Little Indian' label so they have the latest albums from Adele, Jack Penate, and Vampire Weekend, the entire White Stripes, Belle & Sebastien, Pixies, Strokes and Bjork back catalogues, both Raconteurs albums, albums from Thom Yorke, MIA, Cat Power, Interpol, and Dizzee Rascal.
It doesn't look so great for rap/hip-hop (save for the latest Wu Tang Clan album), and in terms of dance/electro its mainly pretty leftfield stuff (Boards of Canada, Carl Craig, Miss Kittin). I gather its pretty good for classical and jazz, though I wouldn't be able to comment on that as i'm not a fan of either genre.
Anyway, I think it is a very good deal. It should also be noted all the tracks are DRM free, meaning you can play the mp3 on any player - most download providers do not offer this service yet (it is in the pipeline for amazon.co.uk, and a very limited selection of the itunes catalogue is DRM free).

Brilliant. I've found so many tracks that I never knew existed, 25 free downloads and then a bargain price per track on pay monthly terms (compared to iTunes or DJdownload.com)
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