25 FREE MP3 tracks at Amazon
25 FREE MP3 tracks at Amazon

25 FREE MP3 tracks at Amazon

Some dedcent tracks here, and they're all FREE!

1. Satur8
D.Ramirez D.Ramirez Remixed 8:34 FREE!
2. Lately
Macy Gray Lately (Sunship Remix) 4:48 FREE!
3. Burning Hell
Tom Jones Burning Hell 3:25 FREE!
4. Warm Machine
Bush The Science of Things 4:25 FREE!
5. It Doesn't Have To Be Like This (Baby)
KT Tunstall It Doesn't Have To Be Like This (Baby) 3:09 FREE!
6. Don't Put Me Down (Tom Moulton Remix)
Finishing Touch Philly Re-Grooved - The Tom Moulton Philly Groove Remixes 9:11 FREE!
7. For Eliza
Pete Molinari A Train Bound For Glory 5:05 FREE!
8. Jamm
Cheikh Lo Jamm 4:48 FREE!
9. Dirt 2010
Dirtyloud All The Time 7:19 FREE!
10. Testosterone
Bush Sixteen Stone 4:19 FREE!
11. While I'm Away (Jason Cupp Remix)
Good Old War Good Old War (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version) 2:33 FREE!
12. Sister Marie Says
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark History Of Modern 4:00 FREE!
13. Last Chance Saloon
Phantom Limb Last Chance Saloon 3:40 FREE!
14. Long Long Day
Rumer Long Long Day 3:10 FREE!
15. Bang Bang Bang (U-Tern Remix)
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl Bang Bang Bang 6:14 FREE!
16. Holiday
Fran Healy Holiday 3:41 FREE!
17. Haul Me Up
Richard Thompson Dream Attic 4:51 FREE!
18. Welcome To Vanier Ft. Redeyz
Dz Various Badmen Pt. II 5:36 FREE!
19. Glycerine (Acoustic)
Bush Zen X Four (Live/Acoustic) 3:32 FREE!
20. Woke To See
Pieter Nooten Here Is Why 4:44 FREE!
21. A Tendency To Start Fires
Bush Razorblade Suitcase 4:04 FREE!
22. Trouble
Burns Unit Side Show 3:27 FREE!
23. Faster (Live From Hammersmith Working Men's Club)
Manic Street Preachers Faster 3:51 FREE!
24. Perfect Stranger (dBridge Remix)
Magnetic Man ft Katy B Perfect Stranger 3:49 FREE!
25. Swallowed [Goldie/Toasted Both Sides Please Mix]
Bush Deconstructed 5:49 FREE!


Should be in Freebies section, not Deals. But well done.

Original Poster

Link doesn't want to work.
Go to 'Music', 'MP3 downloads', 'Free Songs and Special deals', then 'Free Songs'.

KT Tunstall wasn't free when I tried.


copy and paste this link ( clicking only takes you to Amazon home page )


Thank, some decent stuff there.


KT Tunstall wasn't free when I tried.

Same here but the other stuff there made up for it


KT Tunstall and Mark Ronson aren't free anymore. But they have the new Mark Ronson album for £3.99 for this week only so I guess that's why. Cheers Op.


great thanks

Faster Live isn't free either
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