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25 In 1 Screwdriver Kit Magnetic Bits £3.84 / 10p delivered (New Users Only) @ AliExpress / Digitaling Store

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4072564_1.jpgNote: The screwdriver handle of this product is a plastic handle

Screwdriver size: 157x67x17mm
Color: gray
Shell color: gray
Approval pen: hard plastic
Batch header parameters
Batch head model: C4x28mm
Cross head 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0
Slotted head 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0
Six Star T2 / T3 / T4/T5/T6/T8
Five Star 0.8/ 1.2
Y type 0.6 / 2.0
Circular type 0.8
U type U 2.6
Hex type H1.5 / H2.0 / H2.5
Triangle 2.3

Packing list:
25 in 1 screwdriver set
AliExpress More details at AliExpress

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    Beware that you will not be able to pay by PayPal as below the £1.00 minimum and so you will have to give your credit card details.

    This is as well as your name, address and mobile phone number!

    I think this is just an information harvesting promotion!
    How do you expect to get it without address?
    Just put a random phone number in.
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    10p to deliver all the way from china!

    But 2p tax is outrageous
    You pay for it through your taxes. Post from China is subsidised because registered as a less developed country
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    I have this exact same , paid £0.30 in Summer via Aliexpress. Cant complain for the money paid but the case is very bad unlike the Mi screwdriverset
    Although its good to know the case is trash I don't tend to use a case to unscrew stuff... is anyone in this comment thread able to confirm it the driver and bits are half decent? Could you liken it to those freebie screwdriver pens you get at events, or is it lower quality?
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    new customer offer only it looks like.
    Thats what it says in the title
  5. Avatar
    I got one of these sets, worth a punt at this price.
    Mine arrived with the magnet, that should of been inside the handle, split in 2 and floating around the box. Because of this the bits just fall out.
    I did manage to bodge it, and it will do.
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    Page doesn’t exist error. Guessing they’ve taken it down

    Edit - follow comment in thread. iOS safari shows error on page but chrome works! (edited)
    Happened to me with iPhone safari. Try on google chrome it’s working
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    The case is crap, the clips break with the first try. If you want the bits, go for it, else just buy the mi set. Also the grip is plastic like (unlike the aluminum of MI) (edited)
    U know this is 10pence right?
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    Topcashback is good for Ali Express especially if making larger purchases
    Yup, I got 3% on my 10p purchase
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    Bits made of plastic in any part is a worry, if you use it on electric drill. For a normal buyer it is 3.27+1.12 postage + vat = and no guarantee or returns. Might as well support your local hardware store like screwfix or B&Q. These are worst than poundland DIY stuff lol
    Good for Christmas crackers (edited)
    The bits are not plastic and I don't believe anyone will use the handle on an electric drill? Most likely the handle is coated in plastic... Doubt the handle is made from plastic

    Reviews look pretty good as well. 4.7/5.0

    Also, it's free shipping not £1.12

    Any chance you could point us in the direction of a local hardware store that has the same price product?

    49361036-Cz3zV.jpg (edited)
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    10p for me. Anyone having issues just create a new account with a new email, it's all I did.
    10p for me too, hence had to pay by card
  11. Avatar
    Just got one even though I don’t need it and have never used ali express before. Worth the risk for 10p though lol
  12. Avatar
    Us mere mortals can not possibly understand.
  13. Avatar
    Is this the same as the Wiha set for usually quite a bit more? Or inferior?
  14. Avatar
    It's £3.92 for me
    I paid around that price or a little cheaper.... ;(, one concilation is that I only paid £11 for the xiaomi one earlier in the year, as they usually tend to be around the £20 mark, their amazing material and build quality and worth it...
  15. Avatar
    £3.27 for me. £3.92 after postage. (edited)
    Me too
  16. Avatar
    Can't argue with this, I paid £4 on Amazon a few months ago for an abandoned project so haven't even used it.
  17. Avatar
    Just ordered, nice find!
  18. Avatar
    The screwdriver itself is all plastic, so a classic case of you get what you pay for?
    It's aluminium and quite solid, I've had one for a while and it has been used extensively. My only complaint is that it's very smooth and difficult to grip
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    Got one of these sets a while back.. nothing special but I didn't pay anything major. (edited)
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    Ordered 80 units
    Good luck receiving spam emails everyday on all your 80 new email accounts
  21. Avatar
    Followed the link okay as described. Signed in to the website and the price went up to £3.84...
    Oops just read the header. Doh!
  22. Avatar
    Got one a year or so ago. Got me and a few others out of the mire. They’re good enough for general use. Might get a few more sets and sell em to the people who keep borrowing mine.
  23. Avatar

    Another one here for 10p with a "leather case" and different handle, maybe better or worse. I ordered both on different accounts, worth a punt for 20p. (edited)
  24. Avatar
    It's available on Amazon for £6.

    Some folks are saying the handle is plastic - it's not. I have it in-hand and it's completely metal.
  25. Avatar
    £3.84 here.