£25 iTunes Digital code for £12.50 clubcard vouchers @ Tesco from 31st jan

£25 iTunes Digital code for £12.50 clubcard vouchers @ Tesco from 31st jan

Found 30th Jan 2013
This reward is “buy in full” – simply exchange your Clubcard vouchers to buy this reward in full.1. The voucher price is on the right. Decide how many tokens you want and click ‘add to basket’.- any change from your vouchers will be credited to your Clubcard Account.2. We’ll email your iTunes Digital codes to your Tesco.com email address within 24 hours.- To ensure your Tesco emails get to your inbox, please add DO.NOT.REPLY@tescofreetime.com to your email Address Book or Safe List.3. Once you have received your email you can redeem your iTunes Digital code online at the iTunes Store.Enjoy!

and yes we know you can get 4x at pizza express
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starts 31 january
does this usually go up at midnight?
Links not wirking.

Links not wirking.

It will probably wirk on the 31st, like the title says
Is it £12.50 in clubcard vouchers?
Thanks, seems very good offer

Is it £12.50 in clubcard vouchers?

Do you tie your own shoe laces?
Title should say vouchers
Its a good offer, but dont forget, your points can be used better if you eat out regularly...

This equals 2x points value, there are many restaurants that your Tesco vouchers will = 4X their value, for example, £12.50 of tesco vouchers is worth £50 at Prezzo and Pizza Express (others as well). Doesnt seem quite as good an offer considering that iTunes vouchers are often reduced anyway,,,
The vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other restaurant offers though, so while they may be worth 4x the value, you are paying full price rather than the usual 50% off or BOGOF offers.
true, but we tend to use them at Prezzo, which do not tend to have offers, and you can use them on the set menu for Children. You cant use them on drinks though, so we usually get £40 worth of food and drink for £10 (including tip) cash plus £7.50 of tesco vouchers. Works out well for us, although I appreciate it that its not everyones preferred way to spend their vouchers

Do you tie your own shoe laces?

Velcro. Come on, get with it.
Damn. Just used all the club card vouchers the other week.
Just in time for me to use my vouchers.
Did this just before Christmas and they sent out a voucher which expires after a couple of weeks so lost out on £25

Was much better when they emailed out the code, looks like that's what they are doing on this one
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Heat, cheers OP...
2x value for itunes >>>>>> 400000x value at pizza express
dave smith

2x value for itunes >>>>>> 400000x value at pizza express

i think we all know by now you can get 4x at pizza express/ prezzo
but this is for i tunes so we don't really need to keep hearing about pizza's do we?
it may be hard to believe but not everyone would prefer a pizza to i tunes card/voucher
after all a pizza is gone in 10 mins at least you get some entertainment from an i tunes card/voucher
a pizza you hang on to until the next morning then thats it gone..:)
Hope this lasts - both my kids need itunes credit but I only have £23 in vouchers - next set due to be issued at the end of February!
Not gone live yet - anyone have a clue as to what time these things usually kick in?
Good deal but seeing as I could get £20 off at Papa John's for only £5 I think I'll stick to the 4x
Just what I need. thanks, heat added
Has anybody got this as says coming soon ?...

Links not wirking.

It's times like these, I wish we had an dislike button.
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states available 31 january if you look closely ,no time given to going live, but i presume there will be no limits on these unlike the itunes giftcards, so everyone should get 1 when they do go live
Still saying 'Coming Soon' but on the right it states they want £17 in Clubcard vouchers for the £25 iTunes.. hhhmmmm(_;)
its gone up to £17 now???
says available 1st feb now
Uhhuh. Every little obviously helps Tescos out. Put the price up by £4.50 and delay it by a day.... then maybe tomorrow we'll put it up another quid.. and maybe another day's wait... eventually we'll get to 1st April and can pretend it was all a joke.

Move along, nothing to see here.
£12.50 expired.
Who buys iTunes vouchers Ffs
It's 2013
this deal is now live but i will not be buying @ £17 tesco think they can do what they like
Tesco really is pathetic!
Might as well buy it from boots for £20! Well done tesco
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