25% off All glasses at Specsavers including Prescription Oakleys!!

25% off All glasses at Specsavers including Prescription Oakleys!!

Found 2nd Dec 2007

Ive been to specsavers today to get new glasses as i fell asleep on mine! I ended up buying new glasses which were £169 complete, and i asked about Prescription Oakleys. I was quoted £390 for Oakley Juliets with my prescription, upon asking i was told that theres was 25% off these too, so i got new Titanium specs and prescription oakleys for £405
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Bought some flexi glasses today and saved £42.25! Includes ultra thin lenses and with the anti scratch and refkective coating. Great deal!

"In Specsavers’ Winter Sale there’s 25% off all glasses, lenses and coatings. That’s 25% off complete glasses from our £30 range or above and 25% off any lens option with those glasses, including varifocals, bifocals, Thin & Light lenses, tints and coatings."
its a good deal if you want/need glasses, i also have a welsh hospitals plan where i can claim £100 every 2 years towards glasses!


Would love some prescription Oakleys or similar, any ideas where they can be found as i don't want to spend £400?
hi Freers

mine worked out around £300. Problem its Oakley themselves provide frames, lenses etc so its a bit of a monopoly for them. the other thing is that other places will coat their own lenses which is cheaper. Also i had oakley juliets where the frames on their own were £235. whereas you could have cheaper frames (from about £80 upwards) so they would be cheaper and 25% off too in specsavers
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