25% Off all Home and Garden at Karcher

25% Off all Home and Garden at Karcher

Found 23rd Apr 2016
Got this code for registering a product, but it's a generic and works for everyone.

25% Discount Code: Karch3rReg


thanks... will try it

thanks...will try it

confirmed it works. depends if you can find anything for a good price though

25%gets u free delivery still expensive

Just puts it down to normal price imo

www.kaercher?? why is the website address spelt wrong? Is this a genuine site?

Yes it's genuine, german ä is pronounced as ae in english.

Cheaper to get the items in Costco. A LOT cheaper

Its All Plastic, Just got a Puzzi 10/1 Its not going to last, German Technology has gone down the Pan, what are they doing with the 50 million pounds the UK is giving them a week?
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