25% off all kids toys @ Sainsburys from Wednesday

25% off all kids toys @ Sainsburys from Wednesday

Found 19th May 2009
Ok this may not be for everyone but if the kids want something new this could be just for you!!

Starting tomorrow, Weds 20th for a week all toys instore will have 25% off applied. This should be nationwide in all Sainsburys stores that have a toy section.

Hope this helps someone :-)


Can anyone confirm that this is nationwide? If so I'll get down to my local branch and start buying up the lego.

Ditto the above!!!!

Toys had 25% off in my local. Big signs everywhere. Discount also came off the toys that were already reduced/on sale - got INTG pinky ponk for £5.

Also 25% off in one of my local stores - in godalming.


it is in wigan

It is in Kent.

ALL stores and includes ALL outdoor toys aswell including those already reduced

It is in Bedford

Yay, someone from Bury!
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