25% off Crocs Cayman £21.71 delivered or £18.46 Including Quidco

25% off Crocs Cayman £21.71 delivered or £18.46 Including Quidco

Found 30th Jul 2008
Sweet feet shoes are currently offering 15% off Crocs Cayman shoes. Plus it can be used in conjunction with the discount code BC01 which is 10% off again so 25% in all.

PLUS you can get Quidco, the site says its10% but I have done it and its tracked in at £3.25 which is 15% of £21.71 so including quidco the total cost is £18.46.

Whether you like Crocs or not this is a great price for Genuine Crocs Cayman shoes.


Thanks, was looking for some for holiday

Best price I have seen for GENUINE Crocs:thumbsup:

Great price :thumbsup: only bad point is few colours such as black are missing and the last time i waited for some Crocs of Sweetfeetshoes to come back in stock so i could order them i waited about a month and gave up it the end.

Still i managed to get an alternative colour in the end as i gave up waiting for new stock to arrive in the colour i actually wanted and they arrived ok so they are reliable, Just new stock doesnt seem appear much and the Cs when i emailed them twice they just confirmed they was not in stock and not a possible new/restock date as i asked at the time which wasnt much use as i knew they wasn't in stock to start with :roll:

Anyhow rant over and its a good deal if have colour you want and they do get delivered no problems, Just if theres not in stock of colour you want get prepared for a big wait for new stock :whistling:

Voted hot, but they don't have any in my size sadly.

Now you can look like a moron for even less!


Now you can look like a moron for even less!

yep! you managed it for free - hats off to ya.

heat added op.

Original Poster

Why are people on here such a bunch of idiots, you shouldn't vote something cold just because you don't like it.
If people know where they can buy genuine Crocs Caymans cheaper then they should share it with us, that's the whole point of the site. Then they would have the right to vote it cold.
Its like voting a really good deal on red wine cold just because you personally don't like red wine, Other people will be interested and to them it will be a hot deal, If you don't like them then just bypass the deal, don't be a idiot cold voter.
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