25% Off Flash Sale Joseph Joseph Kitchenware & Bins @ Lakeland

25% Off Flash Sale Joseph Joseph Kitchenware & Bins @ Lakeland

Found 9th Nov
looks like it's across the range of gadgets bins and bathroom storage and the email i got said it ends on Monday - genuine savings too


Genuine savings they said....

Kitchen roll holder £19.49 down from £25.99
RRP is £19.99

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didn't look at that one sorry, i was eyeing up the recycling bins

Rubbish price £171

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blimey there's no pleasing you lot tonight;-)

same price amazon for the bin

Love the look of Joseph joseph but it can be so expensive. I tend to get it from tk maxx. They often have bits and pieces

Some good prices on certain items like £5 less than amazon prime. Even factoring the P&P Of £2.99 it’s still cheaper. CheersOP

achingly overpriced.

Shame their bread bin isn’t included 😞

darecy9th Nov

Rubbish price £171

I've used one of these bins, they really don't hold a lot.

Thanks OP But even at a Genuine Reduced price these are still well OVERPRICED and paying for the name. My broeht has a few items and even he says that they are not worth the money.

We have the Joseph Joseph 60 Litre bin - It's very useful, with a large main bin and usable recycling drawer underneath. However, I picked it up for 20% of the standard price a couple of weeks ago, because it was missing the food bin insert (which can be had for £15 online) - no way would I even consider pay £170+ for it, or any bin for that matter.

My missus loves it and I gained many many husband points that day.

BTW The Von Haus stuff doesn't last.
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