£25 off when you spend £120 on the new wedding collections @ BHS
£25 off when you spend £120 on the new wedding collections @ BHS

£25 off when you spend £120 on the new wedding collections @ BHS

BHS have launched their 2010 wedding collection. They have some really lovely items from brides dresses to pageboy oufits to cutesy young bridesmaid dresses

For a limited time they are giving you £25 off when you spend £120, this is an automatic discount and applies at checkout


My future wife thought this was a great deal and she ordered her dress last week and saved the £25.
Unfortunately the dress was damaged and she was advised to return to our local store...25miles away even though the dress was available online only and to be returned via online only, but even after telling the customer service this they told her it had to be looked at by a BHS employee to see the problem before it was returned.
She had to have the invoice emailed to her as BHS included NO paperwork with the dress and on presentation Belfast she was told they could not return or refund as online only!!!!!
Althought this seemed liked a good dealit was not worth the hassle!

Thanks for that.
my sister was going out 2moz buying 3 bridesmaid dresses so ill tell her about this
cheers h&r

A friend who is being a Bridesmaid also had a dress from BHS brought for her along with 2 others. They had to return all 3 dresses as it appeared they were covered in blood although the dresses had arrived in sealed bags. I think the Bride still has an ongoing complaint with BHS regarding this.

Shame I am getting married in October and was hoping to purchase something from there range but I am now having second thoughts.
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