£25 p/m, HTC Hero, 700 mins, 400 texts, 3gb internet £25 @ TMobile
£25 p/m, HTC Hero, 700 mins, 400 texts, 3gb internet £25 @ TMobile

£25 p/m, HTC Hero, 700 mins, 400 texts, 3gb internet £25 @ TMobile

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I know its been posted several times..
but after ringing the sales team..
ive managed to get the HTC hero, google G2 for free,
with 700 mins, 400 texts and unlimited internet ( 3gb fair usage)
at first the sales advisor wouldnt budge from 30.. but eventually settled at £25 for 18 months,
+ free 8gb mem card and speakers
if you've tried for this deal..keep trying!
it worked for me
my shiny new HTC is arriving wednesday. can't wait!

Do you think its a good deal??


I think not haha, I think it's because others are getting it about £2.50 cheaper and seemingly more allowance (800 mins, 500 texts)!

Also if a deal has been posted before, it doesn't need posting again - there's a thread within the deal to discuss what deal you got. I'm not being horrible with this btw, just for your future information. x

TBF I don't think it's a bad deal, there are some people claim to have slightly cheaper deals for this phone but can't remember anybody mentioning the memory card and speakers. When you compare it against the advertised deals it stacks up pretty well..... I was tempted to give T-Mobile a ring today to have a go but my current provider gave me a much better deal than any of the T-Mobile ones so I stuck with them

I'm wanting this phone currently and it seems ok. Speakers and memory as mentioned above are a sweetener. Wouldn't say cold and wouldn't say mega-hot. But if you want this phone, there are worse deals about and not many better (but even they depend on luck).
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