250 free business cards with free stamp plus delivery @ VistaPrint

250 free business cards with free stamp plus delivery @ VistaPrint

Found 28th Jun 2012
vistaprint are offering a limited time only offer of 250 business card with stamp dont know how long this will last but you only have to pay delivery
here is what is states on the webiste

250 FREE Business Cards + 1 Small Stamp
BONUS! Order business cards and get a FREE rubber stamp
Easy to design; create in minutes
Choose from 42 designs
Vistaprint logo printed on back side
Pay only for shipping
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The free buisness cards have the following printed on the back "Buisness cards are free at vistaprint.co.uk!"
How much is delivery?
How large is the blurb on the back?
very brave posting a Vistaprint deal,
lets see how cold this one ends up.

How large is the blurb on the back?

Its quite small, may not be on there anymore I ordered mine a couple of months ago.

The stamper is good, I use it for the return address on post.
Google "Vistaprint Scam", enough said:p
"Deals where you send money are not freebies"..discuss

Google "Vistaprint Scam", enough said:p

what a useful post?

When you say enough said after the two words "Vistaprint scam" I have to say that really is not enough said.

If you could share your bad experience with us that would be great.

Having used them for many different printing services I can say if anything they have been the cheapest company around and have always delivered on time despite coming from the Netherlands.

Thanks for a great contribution.

This deal is great OP and I have used it many times, I often upgrade to the premium business cards that don't feature the slogan for around £5 per 500.

Get these if you enjoy being harassed by mail and email for the rest of your life
I've used this offer in the past, and it amazing. I've since ordered many things from vistaprint - always using various offer codes from their emails, and always been really happy with the products. Generally, they are much much cheaper than other print services, though delivery can take longer (they are based somewhere on the continent).

Not sure why this is cold - if you didn't know about this already, it could save you a lot of money.

Google "Vistaprint Scam", enough said:p

I used them many years ago for a feedback card with my items I sold on ebay (Regularly sold back then). I never got £10 a month removed from my bank account.

Should I start a page "Not Vistaprint Scam" ? Of course not... I must have read the small print, or opted out, or not be automatically opted in.

I don't work for VistaPrint or any of their companies (as per reading their scam report on MoneySavingExpert) but felt the need to say it isn't all bad...
I have never had a problem with vistaprint and I order quite regularly. However I do receive maybe 2 emails a day from them but I don't unsubscribe as I get good deals in them! 4 free things for around £5 P&P, what's not to like?
not worth it. the price is only for their "predefined" cards not ones you can customise with your logo or pic. Also delivery is not included,. also if you do ad your own logo there is an upload charge
As the old adage goes; You get what you pay for.
These aren't the same quality as proper business cards - Remember your business card represents your business. Something cheap and tacky will represent your business in the same light.
However, if you are an ebay seller in your spare time your customers may well have different expectations of sellers.
There's a reason that it would cost you more to order from your local reputable printer - see if you can guess what it is
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