250 GB Maxtor 7200rpm 8mb cache ATA100 Hard Drive -  £51.68 delivered

250 GB Maxtor 7200rpm 8mb cache ATA100 Hard Drive - £51.68 delivered

Found 16th Dec 2006
250 GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus21 7200rpm 8mb cache ATA100 Hard Drive - £51.68 delivered from Microdirect.co.uk

Features : Adaptive Fly Height, Clean Sweep, Directed Offline Scan, Enhanced G-Force Protection, Perpendicular Recording, Seagate SoftSonic

Description : DiamondMax 21 Series from Maxtor has been designed to provide reliability and value for home or office desktop PC users. The drive offers the most efficient support of desktop capacity points 40GB to 320GB. The DiamondMax 21 Series disk drive design combines performance with low acoustics. The robust design of the DiamondMax 21 Series drive has been engineered to deliver reliability and data integrity. The drives have been designed to protect against operating and non-operating shock.


I think that is the going rate at most online stores.

300gb Seagate £39.91 in Staples too

I did a quick froogle and saw a Maxtor 250Gb 16Mb Cache ATA133 7200rpm £46.99 not inc del at Savastore. Add the delivery to it and it would probably arrive at the same price as OP but with double the cache and a slightly faster interface speed* :santa:

[SIZE="1"]*ATA133 vs ATA100[/SIZE]

relighting your fire edi!!!:thumbsup:

pllllllease do not get MAXTOR.
They are the worst manufacturers of hard drives and I say this from experience. If theres one thing youll be guaranteed of after buying this , its that the hd will die at some point not too far in the future !

stay away !

I've been running the same maxtor for 8 years now.....i think it's down to luck sometimes

I got a Samsung Spinpoint 250GB for £46.88 delivered from Savastore last week. I certainly believe them to be more reliable but ultimately all I have to go on is the fact I have 5 dud hard drives in my cupboard. A couple are really old hitachi's but 3 are fairly new (2 x 80GB, 1 x 160GB) Maxtors. I wouldn't buy them personally. Plus the Samsung is very, very quiet.

I have to agree with Cyrus here, 9 drives dead over the years my own and others, there's a good reason they are that cheap, they're unreliable, unpopular and their warrantys are not as good as Seagate or Western Digital

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Thanks for the feedback guys :santa:


300gb Seagate £39.91 in Staples too

any more info on this?

Maxtor did tend to be the most unreliable out of the main Hard Drive manufacturers. That said I know lots of people and I myself have had drives by Maxtor and ran them hard for several years and they still work fine. I have used them in high-end gaming rigs and we use them in our Music Studios. Never had a dud one yet. My bogey drive manufacturer is Western Digital, every one I buy dies in no time.

Also Maxtor is now owned 100% by Seagate so don't be knocking them now. I think they are now called Maxtorgate drives.

Got 10 maxtors and never had a problem yet :w00t: :thumbsup: , oldest 4 years.

People are jinxed with certain products. With computers, I don't get on with WD and Antec at all.

Also proper handling and maintenance of drives should keep it in top condition and regular tests should tell you if performance is dwindling, which should warn you.



any more info on this?

You won't get any more info as there are NO more to be had. This was a clearance deal at Staples & long gone (**.91 price code).

Sorry to resurrect this thread after so long but I bought one of these drives and I have just got round to fitting it.

When fitted the drive seems to show a size of 128 gb. I have read up on this and there seems to be a potential problem with Windows XP and drives larger then 137 gb.

I have done the obvious things like making sure LBA is set up in BIOS and downloading and using the Maxtor "big drive enabler" utility without success. I am also running SP1.

If anybody who has bought one of these drives, or indeed anyone who has fitted an ATA/IDE (not SATA) drive larger then 137 gb into their XP PC could they please advise if they had similar problems and how they solved it. ;-)

Many thanks. :thumbsup:

Many thanks for that v2drinkers. You jogged my memory into recalling that I can right click My Computer and the manage option takes me to what you were describing. My drive is formatting as we talk.

Thanks again. :thumbsup:
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