250 horror movies collection from Amazon US, £29.64 delivered (+ Import tax) !

250 horror movies collection from Amazon US, £29.64 delivered (+ Import tax) !

Found 1st Jun 2008
That's 10p a movie delivered... Note that these are Public Domain Movies so potentially, you could download them for free...

Product Description
The Horror 250 Movie Pack gathers an amazing collection of classic and contemporary chillers including Nosferatu Phantom of the Opera The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Little Shop of Horrors House on Haunted Hill Bad Taste Mama Dracula and Night Train to Terror. Stars found in this amazing collection include Bela Lugosi Vincent Price Boris Karloff Barbara Steele Keenan Wynn David Janssen Louise Fletcher and many more. Never before have so many movies been offered in one amazing collection and packaged in a stunning foil collectors box.Included:1. Alien Contamination2. Alien Species3. Alien Zone4. All the Kind Strangers5. Alpha Incident The6. Amazing Mr. X The7. Amazing Transparent Man The8. Anatomy of a Psycho9. Ape Man The10. Ape The11. Assignment: Outer Space12. Astral Factor The13. Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops14. Atom Age Vampire15. Atomic Brain The16. Atomic Rulers of the World17. Attack From Space18. Attack of the Giant Leeches19. Attack of the Monsters20. Bat The21. Bat The (Silent)22. Beast of the Yellow Night23. Beast of Yucca Flats The24. Black Dragons25. Blood Tide26. Bloodlust27. Bloody Pit of Horror28. Bluebeard29. Bowery at Midnight30. Brain Machine The31. Brain That Wouldn't Die The32. Bride of the Gorilla33. Buried Alive34. Cabinet of Dr. Caligari The35. Carnage36. Carnival of Souls37. Chloe Love is Calling You38. City of Missing Girls39. Cold Room The40. Colossus and the Amazon Queen41. Colossus and the Headhunters42. Condemned to Live43. Corpse Vanishes The44. Cosmos: War of the Planets45. Counterblast46. Creature from the Haunted Sea47. Crimes at the Dark House48. Crimes of Stephen Hawke The49. Crooked Circle The50. Crypt of the Living Dead51. Curse of the Headless Horseman52. Daughter of the Tong53. Day the Sky Exploded The54. Dead Men Walk55. Death Warmed Up56. Dementia 1357. Destroy All Planets58. Devil Bat The59. Devil Monster60. Devil's Daughter The61. Devil's Messenger The62. Devil's Partner63. Devil's Sleep The64.

MILL CREEK's super-sized movie packs are always a bargain, and a great way to add some depth to a video library. Their boxed DVDs are individually housed in durable gloss-coated heavy paper sleeves that take up a minimum of space, yet provide excellent protection for the discs. This compactness of design makes possible the storage of literally thousands of movies on a single book shelf.

The HORROR 250 MOVIE PACK is the largest collection of public domain fright films currently available. All these titles were previously released by MILL CREEK. The following lists their box sets duplicated in total, or for the most part (some working links included):

Alien Worlds 20 Movie Pack
Apocalypse 20 Movie Pack
Bela Lugosi: Master of Horror 10 Movie Pack
Beyond the Grave 20 Movie Pack
Chilling 20 Movie Pack
Fright Night 10 Movie Pack
Horror 10 Movie Pack
Horror 100 Movie Pack
Horror Classics 50 Movie Pack
Monsters 20 Movie Pack
Nightmare Worlds 50 Movie Pack
Night Screams 50 Movie Pack
Sci-Fi Classics 10 Movie Pack
SciFi Classics 50 Movie Pack
Sci-Fi Classics 100 Movie Pack
Strange Tales 20 Movie Pack
Tales of Terror 50 Movie Pack

Clearly, this 250 movie pack is perfect for anyone interested in creating an instant PD horror film collection. For anyone who has purchased previous MILL CREEK fright and sci-fi boxes, duplication here is a certainty.

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^^^^ Actual list of movies... There are 60 double sided DVDs and 313 hours of movies to watch... I understand that quality is what counts.. But I guess there's enough material here to help me discover some of the hidden gems of classic horror movies..
+ import taxes.

+ import taxes.

Yep it's over £18.00
This will probably cost you about £13 extra in Customs/Handling fees
Also as these films are public domain, they are all available to download free here: [url]www.publicdomaintorrents.com[/url] and best of all its all legal!

Also as these films are public domain, they are all available to download … Also as these films are public domain, they are all available to download free here: [url]www.publicdomaintorrents.com[/url] and best of all its all legal!

Cheers for that link - planning on downloading a few 'classics' (*cough*) - Attack of the Giant Leeches looks good, as does The Mesa of Lost Women, by Ed Wood - super arachnid women - yay! There are a few genuine classic B Movies in there too - Night of The Living Dead & The House on Haunted Hill. :thumbsup:
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