2500 nectar points with £10 spend at photo box (plus p&p)

2500 nectar points with £10 spend at photo box (plus p&p)

Found 31st Jul 2017
Just got the email! 2500 bonus points with £10 photo box spend

Check your email, may be specific accounts only

£12.50 in nectar points free making your order cost just £2.45 after postage

Use your nectar points when a double up comes on, ebay nectar points back event or for pizza express / cinema tickets to get the most out of this offer!
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Very good. That's £12.50 in nectar points for those wondering. Hot
£15 spend (postage £5) for £12.50 in point

£15 spend (postage £5) for £12.50 in point

Nectar points, always use for offers e.g at the moment two pizza express mains for 1000 points so well worth doing to stack some nectar points up
Is it for everyone or just those who got the email? I was thinking of doing an order anyway but this would be a lovely bonus
Can I pay with nectar points
I got an email for this offer
I got the email, a few good offers on but the postage cost negates the deal as I don't need it. May need to add the £4.95 p&p to the post?
No email and nothing on the app for me
no email and nothing when I log onto my nectar account online. Made a print to buy but not risking it if no bonus points are given.
ed198031st Jul

£15 spend (postage £5) for £12.50 in point

If you order a personalised mug for £10 postage is £2.99 , offer says £10 minimum and 20 points plus 1250 bonus points so if you redeem when they do a double up that"s worth over £25 for a £12.99 spend ...,
Check on the app or on the offers section on the nectar website
Bought and paid for a mug on the 31st which reveals pic when hot as I received the email for £10 minimum spend and 2500 points. All I have got Is 22 nectar points, nothing else. I did load it to the nectar card first then linked the account with photo box as it says.
feel slightly conned

Looks like I'm gonna have to call and chase
Paul.Mills I have the same issue. I know sometimes can take a few weeks for bonus points to arrive but I'm wondering if something happened
I got mine through this morning so took about 2 weeks in total.
Has anyone not got their points? I know I haven't still and I made my order on 1st August!
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