2500W Impact Garden Shredder £67.99 less 20% with coupon & free delivery

2500W Impact Garden Shredder £67.99 less 20% with coupon & free delivery

Found 13th Sep 2007
Looks like a bargain as its got a BIG 2.5kw motor, cuts up to 40mm branches and you get to use the 20% coupon if you sign up to the newsletter.

4% Quidco too on Wickes deals.
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There we go Mike

HOT ++
Just placed an order.. £54.39 delivered with 4% Quidco :thumbsup:

Inc FREE next day delivery !
I'm not going to vote hot or cold on this but from my experience these things are not really upto much, the last time i used one i gave up after 30 mins and instead just cut it all up with the hedge trimmer, much much quicker.
Does anyone have experience of how well this can, say, for example, if one had the need, dice up a body? Could save me a lot of time.
I use the pigs for that Devil.
This is quite cheap and a good deal but a word of warning.... my experience is that anything that hasn't been dead for over a month simply cloggs up the mechanism, if it's green and bendy then you'll spend quite a lot of your time unblocking it................. suppose it depends if the wife is green and bendy then :?
How long have Dell been selling these then?
Just kidding!
I've been after one of these for a while now - does anyone really know how good they are? We have a lot to get through.

I recently lowered the height of one of our hedges by about a foot recently, the result was over three wheelie bins full of cuttings. (I didn't throw them away - they're waiting to be shredded).

Cheers all
out of stock:-(
why would anyoone want one of these?
trimmer much quicker,these arent very good.
ive seen them before for £39.99 so not that cheap.
Oh well thanks for posting.
My local Wickes (Sheffield) has these in stock.
Netto have a similar if not same for £49.99.

Netto have a similar if not same for £49.99.

Also Woolworths have a 'similar' one for £49.99 but cutting width is 25mm opposed to 40mm..

Welcome to HUKD johnbooth100
Excellent machine and doest the job brilliantly. Used for nearly a whole day & didnt clogg at all. Setting up was annoying though with 'not so helpful' instructions but nevertheless good value for money.

Thanks Mike
Glad its done the job for you edi, lets hope they get some more in stock pretty quickly.
Unbelievably useless customer service !

Go to their web site wickes.co.uk/pag…ate and they are promoting a spend and save discount of upto 15% off but it expired a month ago. E-mailed to tell them that I was about to place an order with a value of £1600 based on that offer but found it had expired, suggesting that they take it off their site but got a useless response simply saying "We can confirm that the offer that you are showing is no longer available. We would recommend that you view what is available to you on our website.

Duh ! how clueless can you get, it is not me that is showing the offer it is their dumb out of date web site !! They clearly couldn't care less that I was disappointed by an out-of-date offer and that I would not be placing an order with them as a result. Not even a note to say sorry we'll take it down.

I suggest that people e-mail complaining that they are still advertising an offer that has expired, maybe they will listen if they deluged with complaints, but then judging by the useless response they probably don't care.:x
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