250Gb External USB 2.0 Hard Drive in a ICY BOX Enclosure
250Gb External USB 2.0 Hard Drive in a ICY BOX Enclosure

250Gb External USB 2.0 Hard Drive in a ICY BOX Enclosure

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Condition: Brand New

Warranty: Yes: 12 Months RTB

Interface USB 2.0

Colour: Black

Hard Drive Size: 250Gb

HDD Speed: 7200rpm

HDD Manufacturer: Western Digital


Ultra slim size and aluminum quality
Powered from external power supply
Converts 44-pin ATA/ATAPI interface to USB2.0 connection
Supports Ultra-DMA5 (ATA100) device
Fits 3.5-inch type hard drive
Assembled and easy to use
Driverless for Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista
XP or Vista Recommended


Things to note; it's not SATA. Also, I have one of these enclosures and all it does is sit around empty. I would not risk putting one of my hard drives in it. It overheats rapidly and eventually mine stopped reading some hard drives (just making a clicking noise at boot up).

I would suggest buying a purpose made enclosure because they dissipate the heat much better and are far more reliable.

I would imagne that Icy box would be really pleased to think that you do not think of their external HD box as a purpose built HD box.

Perhaps they should have told the lego men to stop playing in there night time simulator unit. or that the cold slug was not allowed to stay for too long. As the caterpillar was coming to stay.

These are nice HD boxes, mesh on the sides for air, and fairly quick transfer.

They retail about 23 quid, so to get a 250gb WD drive included for an extra 20 or so, thats a good deal.

Voted hot.


Not had a problem with my Icy Box enclosure at all in the 18 months I've had it (and I had jammed it into a drawer). Worked well via Firewire, apart from when my laptop awoke from sleep, Firewire didn't like that. I had the blingin' blue LED light one. This one is USB only?

I've got the SATA+Firewire version of this (actually you can make it IDE too by taking out the daughterboard) and it's a pile of poo.

Really bad build quality including risk of shorting against the case, and rattling.

You'll also find that it keeps getting detected/unplugged during use as there seems to be something wrong with the power supply, and it gets hot even with my version which has a fan.

Don't risk your drives/data with this.

Not even a great price - hell it's only 250Gb, IDE and USB2!
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