250GB Seagate External Hard Drive + 3% quidco

250GB Seagate External Hard Drive + 3% quidco

Found 8th Jan 2008
Manufacturer: Seagate

250GB external hard drive
Ideal storage for large digital music, photo, video, personal data and multimedia files
Blazingly fast 7200rpm high performance to effortlessly handle large amounts of data
Whisper quiet and cool operation
USB 2.0 interface
5 year limited warranty

Computers come and go, but your content should always be nearby. The FreeAgent desktop drive is the best place to gather and access all of your important photos, movies, music, games and documents. Simply plug in the power and the USB cable and youre ready to go. To help eliminate the slightest bit of worry,
weve even included a five-year limited warranty.


was 45.99 on amazon about 1 week ago, but this is now the cheapest price.

still great value. good find.

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[COLOR="Magenta"]If you go to Pc world they will match this plus an extra 10%, I did this with the 500GB one and got it for £72 by matching with Play.com[/COLOR]
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