250ml bottles of wine - Red, White & Rose £1.49 : Lidl

250ml bottles of wine - Red, White & Rose £1.49 : Lidl

Found 23rd Nov 2009
Just visited my local Lidl in Goole & found these on sale....not a massive reduction but they have 250ml bottles of assorted wines for £1.49 each.......I managed to get a few bottled of White Zinfandel

I've seen these small bottles of wine elsewhere...in fact Tesco have White Zinfandel for sale for £1.69 a bottle......but that's for less than 200ml....these bottles are 25% bigger.

They work out as about £4.17 as a full bottle equivalent....but if you only want the one glass & don't want to have to worry about the opene bottle going off then these are a good buy
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Asda do the little 250ml bottles as well, and they are 3 for £4 at the moment
Lidl wine is horrible to drink.
Suppose it would do for cooking
i deal if you only drink 1 SMALL glass a night, as it will last 2 nights. otherwise £4.47 for a standard bottle will buy you a far better drinking wine
The Burlo;6979401

Lidl wine is horrible to drink.Suppose it would do for cooking

Just what is "Lidl wine?" Does that include branded varieties, or just ranges they label as their own?

In particular then, do you think this one is horrible?
It seems to have a lot of knowledgeable people who DO like it, and I have to agree with them.

It is pretty safe to assume that you either don't know what you are talking about, or you are just a food snob :-(

Clearly you have no idea about cooking either, who would suggest using wine that they think is too poor to drink for cooking purposes? As if that would improve it somehow!
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